Tuusula Housing Fair 2020 — tips and the most beautiful houses

A popular interior trend at the Tuusula Housing Fair was Japandi, i.e. sharp Scandinavian style mixed with minimalistic Japanese design. Natural materials, sustainable choices and responsibility make up the theme for the Fair. In this article, we share our best tips for your visit to the Fair and the homes we liked the most.

House 7 HEVI stone house Lumitiikeri

The overall appearance of HEVI’s stone house Lumitiikeri is light and modern, both inside and out. The black kitchen with a large kitchen island makes the entire house look grand. The large kitchen island and marble terrazzo worktops supplied by Blau Interior and designed in collaboration with Laura Seppänen give the entire space a luxurious feel. The prestigious kitchen is equipped with a sink worth its value that comes from Stala’s Lagom collection. Lumitiikeri’s gorgeous kitchen has also rightly received the cover spot of Deko magazine’s issue 07/2020.

HEVI stone house Lumitiikeri is a magnificent creation with its curved walls.

The gorgeous black kitchen is finished with terrazzo surfaces and a modern Lagom sink.

House 13 Designtalo Puro

Designtalo’s Puro represents modern architecture. Interior designer Mikko Toppala, who was responsible for the interior design of Puro, was looking for a functional and minimalistic design. The name of the house, Puro, is Italian for pure, stripped-off and genuine.

The white kitchen with wooden louvred doors is supplied by Keittiömaailma. The complex also includes Stala’s modern Lagom sink which fits the house perfectly.

Puro’s light kitchen is animated by the wooden louvred doors. The Lagom sink, mounted under the stone worktop, gives the finishing touch.

The combination of light wood and white continues in the utility room. The sink is Stala’s Combo P50-60 steel sink.

House 25 Kontio Hill House

Kontio Hill House is a modern urban log house. The two-storey log house radiates luxury and elegance. The wooden house’s natural character is accentuated by the interior and exterior wall surfaces. The dark tiled floor and stylish black kitchen are a tasteful combination with the light walls. The black kitchen is crowned by the copper taps and handles which are the same everywhere in the house. Stala’s black undermount composite sink adds the finishing touch to the elegant kitchen.


The black kitchen with its undermount composite sink (Stala CEG-50BF) and copper taps and handles is a magnificent combination.

The utility room focuses on functionality. The washer and dryer are placed under a long steel worktop, and there’s plenty of storage space. The stylish steel worktop is finished off with a back panel for an impressive ensemble in the utility room.

The long stainless steel worktop creates an amazing setting for taking care of the laundry, and the back panel finishes off a truly elegant space. Read more about Stala’s H-Seven stainless steel worktop and the Panel back panel.

House 30 Jämerä Salmiakki

Jämerä’s Salmiakki has bold colours and materials. The decor includes wood and Scandinavian design. The starting point for the design was functionality, style and comfort. The highlight of the first floor is the kitchen. It’s a black kitchen with a concrete kitchen island from Keittiömaailma. The yellow Vola tap imitates industrial style, and the colour is repeated in the kitchen lamp. Stala’s sharp Lagom sink is a perfect match.

The black kitchen with a concrete island is a great representation of industrial style. The kitchen’s unique features include the bright yellow tap and lamp as well as the built-in stove hood that rises from the worktop. Stala’s Lagom sink is a great match for the look.

House 2a Pikkupolku Retro

Pikkupolku Retro focuses on responsible choices. The door between the kitchen and bathroom is a recovered door, designed by Eliel Saarinen, that used to be at the VR head office. The kitchen is Puustelli’s Miinus kitchen which is designed according to environmentally friendly and sustainable development principles. The thin steel worktops finish off the kitchen. As a fully recyclable material, steel follows the house’s responsibility principles. The stainless steel worktops were custom-made for the house and come from Stala’s Tailor-made collection.

Stala’s stainless steel Tailor-made worktops represent modern thin design.

The utility room’s worktop represents modern and responsible stainless steel patterned with laser technology. Stala’s K-Seven has received a completely new look with StalaTex. The pattern enables the stainless steel surface to age in a beautiful manner and stand the test of time better.

The utility room’s worktop is StalaTex-patterned stainless steel. The pattern is “Clay”.

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