Modern, quality sinks for the kitchen and utility room

Lagom is simply the best. It is a versatile top quality sink family which offers a suitable model for all cupboard sizes. The current and minimalist design fits all styles of kitchens. The sink bowls are designed to be as spacious as possible (R15) and easy to clean.

13 different sink models

The Lagom family consists of 13 products. The single bowl sinks are very spacious, so washing even larger dishes is simple. The double bowl sinks have a twist, a modern very narrow edge between the two bowls, which saves room from the cupboard. Lagom is a user friendly sink which fits all needs from a 40 cm cupboard up to 80 cm or larger cupboards.

MONOedge enables all methods of installation

Due to a high quality MONOedge, the installation is easy in all methods: insetting, flush mounting or under mounting. The models with a tap area are primarily designed for wood and laminate counter tops. The sturdy tap area offers protection from water and gives excellent tap support. The best fit for stone counter tops is the models without the tap area, then the tap is installed straight onto stone. There are many methods of installation, and under mounting is the most common.

Lagom sinks available as BIM objects

The Lagom sink range is available for ArchiCad and Revit planning programs. Download the Stala object library here.

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