Nameplate for Stala mailbox

The first name plate is included in your Stala mailbox. You’ll find the codes for ordering the name plate from a round sticker inside the mailbox. Start by clicking the mailbox you have purchased. 


Stala mailbox PL-2

  • PL-2G Modern mailbox gray PL-2G

  • PL-2W Modern mailbox white PL-2W

Stala mailbox PL-3 or PL-4

  • PL-3 Mailbox PL-3

  • PL-3B Mailbox PL-3 black

  • PL-3W Mailbox PL-3 white

  • PL-4 Mailbox PL-4

If you need a new name plate for your existing Stala mailbox,
you can order it from Stala webshop >


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