Award-winning patterned stainless steel surfaces - first in the world

Stala is the first in the world to bring patterns onto stainless steel surfaces. StalaTex is available for Seven worktops, wall panels and cover panels. The unique StalaTex products are manufactured in Lahti, Finland, from high quality stainless steel. 

StalaTex™ awakens stainless steel surfaces. Kitchen surfaces are elevated to an entirely new level when StalaTex patterns envelop stainless steel. 

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design has awarded StalaTex™ by Green GOOD DESIGN® 2021, which is one of the most recognized design awards in the world. Green GOOD DESIGN identifies and emphasizes the world’s most important new international products that are leading the global way to a design that is fully sustainable and compatible with the highest standards of good environment.

StalaTex kitchen worktops and back panels
StalaTex patterns contain different tones and hues, which can appear slightly different depending on the lighting and the surrounding materials. Pattern Clay in this kitchen.

Decorational patterns make the material unique

StalaTex combines the unbeatable qualities of stainless steel with beautiful, decorational patterns. They are created with a modern and environmentally friendly laser technology, which can draw the designer's vision onto stainless steel. This way our familiar and practical material can show itself in a new, warmer, light and welcome life into the kitchen.

The first StalaTex collection is created by the Finnish designer Harri Koskinen. He describes the design process and the creation of the collection as follows:


"This was all about bringing more warmth and comfort into homes. A curiosity towards a new technique created a spark for the design. The themes for the patterns stem from contrasts, geometry and associations with the environment, which can be acknowledged from the finished collection. The surfaces exude a certain personality and humaneness when you can distinguish the designer's contribution in the textures."

Due to its new appearance, stainless steel will endure hard use but also the long looks. Actually it is practically calling out for admiration. The collection contains different styles of patterns, so everyone can find a choice to fit their style of interior decoration. 

The hand-drawn StalaTex patterns by Harri Koskinen.
Upper row from the left: Clay, Herring, Leaf, Line
Lower row from the left: Honeycomb, Spruce, Hill, Ice floe.

The unbeatable properties of stainless steel, such as withstanding heat and it being hygienic and ecologic, are now available in an even more attractive form. StalaTex patterns do not wear out in even hard use, and the patterns additionally make scratches and dirt less noticeable on the surfaces.

Welcome, life.
Welcome into a more beautiful kitchen!


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