Stainless for life

StalaTex adds softness to steel. Our laser-patterned stainless steel collection is designed to last a lifetime. StalaTex patterns do not wear out even in hard use, and the patterns also make scratches and dirt less noticeable on the surfaces.

Stala triggers the imagination beyond the countertop, through different applications and a wide array of patterns to suit any environment. We are committed to providing durable, high-quality products with the least possible negative climate impact. For us, stainless is for life.

The new era of stainless steel is here

Lasersharp technology that revolutionises the use of stainless steel. The internationally awarded StalaTex technology is a sustainable and ecological method for patterning the surface of stainless steel. The end result is a beautiful, everlasting pattern that stands the test of time. Stalatex is at its best on kitchen surfaces but thanks to its durable and versatile nature, the possibilities are unlimited.


StalaTex products


Eight sink options and a worktop without sink. Stala Seven models can include a cut out for a hob or a tap.

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Wall panels

Sturdy mdf-under construction. Ready-to-assemble wall panel for kitchens and utility rooms.

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Cover panels

Suitable for covering the sides of kitchen cabinets or as a background plate for wall cabinets.

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For the front covers of the kitchen cabinet doors.

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Design your StalaTex product
according to your own dimensions!

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