Once upon a time there were two strong brands who joined forces to become even stronger together. Together they provide you with even more and better, almost anywhere in the world.

Stala and Alveus are strong, independent brands that have chosen to form an even stronger alliance together. With the synergy of our two unique brands, you are able to choose the best design for your needs and style. We welcome this new chapter with excitement as Stala and Alveus come together with a shared passion for first class quality, decades of stainless steel experience and beautifully functional design.


What makes us unique

STALA: Scandinavian precision for needs of everyday life – attention to detail that’s second to none

We take great pride in creating products that are designed and manufactured with ultimate care and attention to detail. Our leading philosophy is to create products that are beautiful, highly functional and sustainable. The award winning StalaTex™ patterned stainless steel is a prime example of this. The first in the world technology brings stainless steel to life in an entirely new way. More about StalaTex.


ALVEUS: Amplify your kitchen and express yourself – for anyone and everyone, in any style imaginable

Alveus heritage under the strong influence of the Mediterranean culture is a backbone of creating not only functional and quality products, but also beautifully designed sinks made out of different materials in many color options. The Monarch is a unique series of beautifully colored stainless steel products, that you are able to create a truly extraordinary kitchen with. Read more about Alveus here.


What brings us together

Together we bring you the best choices for styling the heart of your home, the kitchen. With a wide variety and a focus to functionality and design, you can freely and carelessly express your authentic self with our help.


Freedom to express yourself

Diversity, with a focus on functionality and design

Our complementing product portfolios allow for even wider selection and giving you true freedom to express yourself. We believe in functionality and make no compromises when it comes to design.

Stainless steel uniqueness

Our innovative technologies bring stainless steel to life. The one of a kind, award winning StalaTex patterned surfaces and Monarch colored stainless steel options enable unprecedented possibilities.


With Stala Designer mass customization and Alveus’ personalized products, the possibilities are almost endless and anyone can create a kitchen unique to their home.

Working hand in hand with nature

Thankful for the nature that surrounds us, we are committed to taking responsibility in it. We strive for long lasting, sustainable products with ecological product life cycles. Read more about sustainability from Responsibility at Stala and Alveus – coexisting with nature.

Video recording of the launch event

A video recording of the online launch event can be viewed here >


Stronger together

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