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50 years of Finnish design and skilled processing of stainless steel. Stala Oy is a global technology company based in Lahti, Finland. Our committed and competent personnel is the single most important factor impacting our operations. Expertise, high-quality workmanship and continuous development were recognized as valuable assets at Stala from the very beginning.
We have not compromised on them since.

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Want to know what it's like to work at Stala? We employ professionals from a variety of fields. Here are some of their stories.

Henri Tietäväinen

I applied to a warehouse job at Stala in 2005. I didn't have any warehouse training at the time, and that's why I didn't get the job. However, I got another job through a recruitment agency and only after 4 months I was hired by Stala. During my career at Stala, I have worked in the worktop packaging, in the warehouse and in the purchasing team. I have always wanted to do as versatile work as possible, both physically and mentally. For this reason, I have tried to modify my position according to what has felt pleasent for me.

I have trained for warehouse work, a specialized vocational qualification in the warehouse industry and as a logistics technician while working at Stala. In addition, I have worked as an occupational health and safety representative and as a chief workplace steward. I am happy to belong to a work community that doesn't limit me, but gives opportunities for growth and self-realization.

Sari Hasanen

I have worked at Stala in various sales positions for 32 years. From sales secretary to regional sales manager and from export assistant to sales coordinator - the job titles have changed, but sales and customer service are the core of my work, and they manage to inspire me year after year. It has been a pleasure to be a part of Stala's amazing growth story, to see the company's internationalization, and to be inspired again and again by our innovative products. I am proud to be able to work with nice and competent people at Stala and to serve our large customer base both in Finland and in Scandinavia.

Hermanni Valtola

I started to work at Stala Group in 2019 as an ICT trainee in the IT team of Stala Group. In the beginning I mainly worked for Stalatube, but in 2020 I got transferred to Stala Oy. In IT I work with all employees and have been involved in all kinds of projects. What’s been particularly nice at Stala is that you can do the work independently as much as you want. While you can always get support and encouragement, working independently and learning are encouraged.

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