A Finnish family company from Lahti, Finland

We are a family company. Both a family and a company. For us, this means lasting values, cooperation and pulling together to get things done. It also means the ambition, vision and uncompromising quality vital for creating a successful business.

The softer side of steel

The very core of our expertise lies in our ability to unify stainless steel, Finnish design and an understanding of life. Ideas which see a draining board developed into a multi-functional, stainless steel centre-piece and the evolution of the kitchen into a living space to welcome guests into the warmth of the home. Stala exists to create sustainable designs that truly become part of our lives.


50 years of everyday design

Reino Rajamäki had just acquired Upo’s steel washstand operations when a period of frenzied redevelopment began across the country. People were moving from the countryside to the cities for work, resulting in new residential districts springing up around these urban centres. Kitchens were filled with the typically Finnish aromas of oven-baked sausage rings and herring casserole, prepared on Stala’s stainless steel worktops.

A change was also underway in homes far and wide, with a move towards open-plan designs. It was no longer possible to hide away kitchen appliances – and why would we want to? Popular celebrity chefs showed off their professional kitchens in TV cooking programmes, with gleaming steel worksurfaces appealing to many. Stala heralded in a new era, where stainless steel was to take pride of place.
Design from Finland
Now, as always, design, ease of use and functionality are the guiding principles of what we do. This is true of our products, customer relationships and how we operate. We ship our products from our Lahti-based factory out to numerous countries, proudly displaying the Design from Finland mark.

Stala products are delivered over 10 countiries

Photos: Kaapo Kamu

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