G2B by Stala

From Good to Better is Stala’s initiative for a more responsible way of
manufacturing top-of-class products, conducting a profitable and purpose-driven business, and taking care of people and their wellbeing.

G2B is Stala’s platform for change. It’s an infinite journey of genuine improvement. Good is not enough. Always strive for better.


Designed and manufactured by happy people

Our committed and competent personnel is the single most important factor impacting our operations. As stated in our values, we treat each other equally and discuss things in an open manner. We are committed to occupational safety and ergonomics.

Made from better raw materials using green energy, and by reducing harmful components

Our objective is to be carbon neutral by 2035. In addition, we have committed ourselves to decrease the amount of waste our factory creates by 10% annually and to recycle all created waste by 2030. The same ambitious annual reduction goal of 10% also applies to the use of water and energy. The stainless steel we use is up to 90% recycled.


Effecting positive change in the world with innovation and good design resulting in sustainable growth

Ethical principles are the cornerstone of our operations. We commit our employees and supply chain to follow them. Our processes guarantee profitable business operations which ensure that we can invest in and develop our operations in an ecological and economic manner towards a sustainable future.

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From good to better is Stala´s platform for change. It´s an infinite journey of genuine improvement.

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Stala’s journey to a more sustainable future

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