The four cornerstones of Stala’s responsibility

1 Promotion of wellbeing

Our committed and competent personnel is the single most important factor impacting our operations. As stated in our values, we treat each other equally and discuss things in an open manner. We are committed to occupational safety and ergonomics.

2 Efficient use of resources

Functioning processes and lean principles form the core of our operations. Sustainably manufactured and responsible material choices and the development of production methods guide our actions in our own factory and in our partners’ operations.

3 Decreasing our carbon footprint

Our objective is to be carbon neutral by 2035. In addition, we have committed ourselves to decrease the amount of waste our factory creates by 10% annually and to recycle all created waste by 2030. The same ambitious annual reduction goal of 10% also applies to the use of water and energy. The stainless steel we use is almost 90% recycled at best.

4 Responsible business operations

Ethical principles are the cornerstone of our operations. We commit our employees and supply chains to follow them. Our functioning processes guarantee profitable business operations which ensures that we can invest in and develop our operations in an ecological and economic manner towards a sustainable future.

Stala’s journey to a more sustainable future

How is responsibility manifested at Stala?

Quality measures — our responsibility to our customers

Customer experience — Customer experience is of utmost importance for us, and we are committed to improving it. We measure customer satisfaction and loyalty annually with the Net Promoter Score NPS, which was an outstanding 73 in the latest survey.

Delivery reliability — Delivery reliability is one of the most important enablers of customer satisfaction. Our objective is to ensure deliveries at the exactly right time for our customers. What would be a more genuine mark of responsibility than keeping our promises?

Reclamations — We want to do our job correctly the first time around, and we are incredibly proud of that. We assume responsibility for our customer relationships, which can be seen as a very low reclamation percentage.

Certified quality and environmental management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 — Stala uses certified quality and environmental management systems to guarantee high-quality operations. See our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Stala’s responsibility in a nutshell

We exist because we want to create sustainable design that becomes a part of a person’s life. The core of our competence lies in the ability to combine stainless steel, Finnish design and an understanding of life. We design and manufacture high-quality products with a long life cycle.

For Stala, responsibility means that we operate according to the principles of sustainable development by respecting each other and nature. Our SISU values are visible in practice in that we are outspoken and renewing.

Stala’s strategy is to be interesting, growing and profitable. Renewing increases interest towards us and is best seen in our innovations, such as the StalaTex material we launched in 2019.

We are on a journey towards a more sustainable future. We are not ready or perfect, but we are taking major steps towards a better future. We have ambitious objectives and the responsibility to achieve them. We are committed to human wellbeing, safety, nature, the common good and a sustainable future. Tomorrow is what we make of it. By working together, we will succeed!


Ethical guidelines

We have drafted our ethical guidelines based on the international ISO 26000 standard Guidance on Social Responsibility. The objective of social responsibility is a socially sustainable development. ISO 26000 contains seven social responsibility areas including organisational governance, human rights, labour practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues as well as community involvement and development.

Stala’s organisational governance is based on including the social responsibility principles in decision-making and implementing them. These principles include sustainable development, transparency, ethical operations, respecting stakeholders, sociability, self-confidence, enthusiasm, sincerity, curiosity and renewal. In addition, we naturally respect the judicial system, international policies and human rights.

Stala — a story of Finnish design

Finns, the quiet people of the northern backwoods, are the world’s happiest people. So they say. Finns are honest and fair, and they respect each other’s personal space. Their values highlight clean nature and living in harmony with it. Finns also value their world-class education system and public healthcare. It’s no wonder that Finland has the happiest people on the planet.

Finns value beauty, design and practical design. Finnish design is highly esteemed internationally and known for its innovativeness and for promoting science and new technology. Finnish products are considered to be high-quality and durable. We think a good product stands the test of time both visually and physically.

Stala’s story is a story of Finnish design — proudly.

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