STALA*ONE - the first 100% climate reduced stainless steel sinks

The new STALA ONE range redefines sustainability in functional sinks. This modern sink family harmoniously combines elegant, streamlined design with sustainability and user-centricity. A new era of innovation has dawned.


Elegant streamlined design

STALA ONE embodies the essence of Scandinavian design. It seamlessly combines functionality with the principles of Nordic minimalism and assembly methods.

Every detail of STALA ONE reflects our commitment to timeless aesthetics and user-centric design. The clean lines, durable materials, and innovative features make it a perfect fit for both modern and traditional kitchen spaces.

Our dedication to elegant, streamlined design is what sets STALA ONE apart. It's more than just a sink; it's a statement of style and efficiency.

Modern functionality

At Stala, modern functionality is born from our unique innovations and Scandinavian design.

Our dynamic pattern revitalizes the sink's working area. It defines the functional space and reduces the visibility of scratches. The patterning on the work surface is created using Stala's award-winning laser technology.

The Flow strainer embodies practicality in its purest form.



Our environmental efforts in manufacturing yield the following results, but the benefits extend beyond:

70% reduction in energy consumption during the washing cycle

75% decrease in water usage

25% less stainless steel in the main component*

100% free from plastics and recyclable packaging

100% renewable wind energy


*as an example compared to reference Stala product

The first 100% climate reduced stainless steel sinks

Commitment to a Climate Journey

It might look like an ordinary product but there's a lot going on behind the label to help reduce its impact on our planet. 

By choosing this product, you are helping to make a real difference to the climate.

Stala has achieved the South Pole Funding Climate Action label for ONE stainless steel sink product family. We partnered with global climate company South Pole to validate our greenhouse gas emissions, set reduction targets and finance climate action, proportional to the carbon footprint of our ONE product family. Read more about Stala ONE's Climate Journey >

Stainless steel sink manufacturing

Product carbon footprint screening of cradle-to-grave GHG* emissions according to the GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting standard have been performed.

*GHG - greenhouse gas

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Actions have been made to reduce GHG emissions. In addition, Stala has committed to set up a target & reduction plan, to reduce what is possible in line with our means and capabilities.

Funding climate actions for residual GHG emissions

100% of all material emission sources have been compensated by purchasing climate action credits to protect the biggest natural carbon sink of Amazon.

The outcome of climate actions

Stala has achieved the South Pole Funding Climate Action Label for ONE stainless steel sink product family.

An annual review to renew the funding climate action label must be performed.

Details behind the revolution


Distinctive design

The distinctive design is what gives STALA ONE its unique personality. The uniform alignment of both bowls adds to the product's refined appearance.

The modern, functional working area strikes the perfect balance – not too large, not too small. The stainless steel working area is a vital component of kitchen functionality.

With its distinctive design, the STALA ONE sink offers a harmonious and functional solution for your kitchen space.

Maximum use of space with modern details

STALA ONE's bowls are designed to maximize usable space, increasing functionality in your kitchen. The elegant and thoughtful design is evident in the symmetrical alignment of the tap, which create a pleasing visual harmony.

Our redesigned Flow strainer not only enhances practicality but also adds a unique touch to the sink's appearance. This commitment to both form and function sets STALA ONE apart from the rest.





User-centricity is at the heart of functional design. STALA ONE is engineered to provide a modern, functional working area enhanced by dynamic laser pattern.

The redesigned deeper rim shape introduces a new level of clarity. This not only keeps water off the worktop but also facilitates under-mounting with ease.

With STALA ONE, we prioritize your needs and convenience. Our commitment to user-centric design ensures that every aspect of this sink enhances your daily kitchen experience.

Next, let's delve deeper into the features that make STALA ONE a game-changer in the world of kitchen sinks.

Easy assembly

Efficiency and user-friendly assembly are fundamental principles in the development of the STALA ONE product range.

The StalaHybrid mounting method offers a cutting-edge, user-friendly approach for top, under, or flush mounting, reducing installation time by approximately 40% compared to traditional methods.

This innovative, patent-pending method eliminates the need for cabinet notching, resulting in reduced VOC emissions, time savings, and improved ergonomic installation.

With STALA ONE, you can trust in a swift, dependable, and effortless installation process – choose any of the models.


Sustainable accessories

STALA ONE sinks are complemented by a range of innovative sustainable accessories. We've made careful material choices with sustainability, disassembly, and recyclability in mind. Our selection includes materials such as recycled paper-based composites, certified oak, and renewable-based composite materials.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our sinks, and our accessories are a testament to our dedication to responsible design. These accessories not only enhance the functionality of your kitchen but also align seamlessly with your eco-conscious lifestyle.

Explore the collection of sustainable accessories to find the perfect additions for your Stala ONE sinks. >

Exploring Stala's additional innovations

The patented StalaFix mounting method

StalaFix is a patented mounting method designed specifically for worktop manufacturers and incorporates a range of innovative features:

100% less aluminum

100% monomaterial stainless steel sink

90% less glue

60% faster assembly compared to traditional mounting method


Stala ONE

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