3 tips for your stainless steel worktop

Take good care of your stainless steel worktop and sink - it will last decades in good condition. Here are the most important instructions for stainless steel.

1) Remember to clean the surface before first use

Wash the product with an alkaline washing detergent (pH over 8). Rinse well and dry.

There are always some impurities from the installation. Once the impurities are removed from the surface, the chromium included in the stainless steel will react with oxygen and create a passive layer to protect the surface.

Everyday care for stainless steel - wash, rinse and dry

2) Everyday care - wash, rinse and dry

After use, always clean the surface with a soft cloth, sponge or towel. Use warm water and a liquid detergent for cleaning.

Rinse well with water and dry with a soft cloth.

3) Instructions for stain removal from stainless steel

Tough stains
Grease stains
Discoloration caused by coffee or tea
Salt and lime marks
Rust stains from surface contact

Instructions for stain removal from stainless steel

Use a cleaning paste, pH over 8 (e.g. Cif cream or Universal Stone) with a soft wash cloth or miracle sponge and rinse with warm water.

Spread the detergent with a soft cloth or miracle sponge, let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse carefully and dry.

Dried up lime stains can also be removed by using a 25% vinegar solution. Allow the solution to sit for a while. Then clean, rinse and dry the surface.

Substances to avoid

Acidic substances, such as kitchen soaps containing citric acid, may damage stainless steel surfaces after they dry (pH under 6).

Scouring powders and steel wool will scratch the surface.

And remember!

Do not leave a wet cast iron pan or other metallic kitchen utensils that can rust on the surface for extended periods, for they will leave a mark.

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