The world’s most sustainable patterned stainless steel from Stala in Lahti, Finland

StalaTex is one of the best examples of sustainable design on a global level.


StalaTex was designed to reduce the visibility of scratches and fingerprints on stainless steel surfaces and to make a cold and industrial material seem warmer and easier to approach. Stainless steel is an unrivalled material in terms of hygiene, durability and recyclability.

The top technology used to manufacture StalaTex surfaces is completely free of chemicals and uses little energy — and the little that we do use is renewable wind power.

When we are talking about the sustainability of a product in terms of environment, we must consider the impact of the product’s entire lifecycle. The stainless steel used in StalaTex surfaces is approximately 90% recycled. The StalaTex stainless steel ages gracefully in long-term use, so there is less need for replacement. We could almost say that StalaTex lasts forever. The product is also 100% recyclable after its long service life.

In addition to the environmentally friendly, chemical-free manufacturing process that requires little energy, the amount of waste created by the material has been minimised. All surplus stainless steel is 100% recycled during the manufacturing process. Stala’s factory in Finland uses only renewable wind power.

A Green GOOD DESIGN® 2021 awarded innovation

European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design granted StalaTex with the Green GOOD DESIGN® 2021 award, which is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world. The Green GOOD DESIGN® award is a special award in the original GOOD DESIGN programme, founded by Eero Saarinen and Charles and Ray Eames in Chicago in 1950.

The Green GOOD DESIGN award is granted to particularly significant and important new international products that represent extremely sustainable design and fulfil even the strictest environmental standards.

Stala’s journey towards a more sustainable future

Stala is comprehensively committed to sustainable values. These values include the development of wellbeing, efficient use of resources, reducing our carbon footprint and sustainable business operations. Stala’s objective is to be carbon neutral by 2035. In addition, we are committed to decrease the amount of waste by 10% annually and to recycle all waste by 2030. The same ambitious annual reduction goal of 10% also applies to the consumption of water and energy.

StalaTex is a ground-breaking technology that revolutionises the use of steel

StalaTex brings a softness to steel. The laser-patterned stainless steel products are designed to withstand life. Stala triggers the imagination beyond the countertop, through different applications and a wide array of patterns to suit any environment. The new technology combines creativity and extreme durability. We are committed to deliver sustainable and high-quality products with minimal impact on climate. For us, stainless steel is a life-long choice for living.

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