Friends of Stala

Stala is the first in the world to bring patterns onto large stainless steel surfaces. Patterns are created with a modern and environmentally friendly laser technology, which can draw the designer’s vision onto stainless steel.

We have had the honor of collaborating with world-renowned designers. These collaborations has resulted in unique StalaTex collections.


The first creative collaboration between Stala and the Finnish designer Harri Koskinen was implemented in 2019.

“This was all about bringing more warmth and comfort into homes. A curiosity towards a new technique created a spark for the design. The themes for the patterns stem from contrasts, geometry and associations with the environment, which can be acknowledged from the finished collection.
The aim of the collection was simplicity and the transfer of handdrawn geometry to the surface of the stainless steel. Scene stands for a view which has been realized into a personal and human collection.

The starting point for the design work was to adopt a new technology and to create a new generation of stainless steel - first in the world. It was a pleasure to start creating something completely new, because there was Stala’s years of development work where to build on. The end result was a collection that brought stainless steel surfaces into a whole new era.”

SCENE - a patterned stainless steel collection by Harri Koskinen brochure >



In 2022 Stala revealed a new design collaboration and welcomed Gert Wingårdh to friends of Stala.

“Now as then, the hand and pen are Gert Wingårdh’s primary tools. A fleeting thought must swiftly be able to turn into a sketch on a napkin or a piece of paper. The work with the pattern collection for Stala is no exception. With Trace, Wingårdh explores the innermost essence of the creative process; the moment when a thought becomes a line. With an arsenal of pencils, inks and brushes, Wingårdh lets dashes and splashes flow in different directions and densities. The result is seven patterns, most easily described as hand-drawn traces of thoughts. Trace is, thus, a portal straight into the mind of architect Gert Wingårdh.​“

TRACE - a patterned stainless steel collection by Gert Wingårdh brochure >



In 2022 Stala added a new friend to the already existing portfolio of influential names - Matti Klenell.

"When working on new patterns for the innovative StalaTex concept, my focus has been on creating patterns that contribute to an interior by being clear spatial graphic exclamation points.

I aimed for abstract, big scale patterns and strong graphics clearly visible from a distance. I believe this new collection will play a central role in creating an interesting visual, as well as functional, experience. I am amazed at how fresh and new the concept feels when seeing it implemented in actual environments.

One could think that making patterns on a material would hide the materiality but I am fascinated by the fact that here it seems to be the complete opposite. The patterns enhance the steel materiality in an exclusive way I am very pleased with.“

GRID - a patterned stainless steel collection by Matti Klenell brochure >


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