Utility room trends at the Housing Fair 2020

A lot of effort was put into the utility rooms at the Tuusula Housing Fair. The utility rooms had bold and impressive material choices. Some of the utility rooms at the Tuusula Housing Fair were smaller and combined in the same space with the bathroom.

A stylish utility room with green accents

The green upper cupboards bring colour to the utility room while the black details bring order.

- House 2b Pikkupolku Modern

The utility rooms had plenty of black details — black sinks, taps or towel heaters. We also saw a lot of natural materials such as wooden panels and log walls.

An enthralling floor creates a personal look


The impressive coloured floor creates an edgy utility room

- House 38 Finnlog Hetena

Sinks make life easier and more hygienic

In a functional sense, some of the utility rooms did not have a sink at all, so if you, for example, need to soak muddy rain boots or trainers, you have to use a bowl.

Having a separate sink in the utility room is always better for the hygiene so that hands can be washed immediately without touching doors and handles in the other rooms.

Having a sink in the utility room improves hygiene


Recycled teak worktop Sasu’s Playhouse and sink Stala Lyria L50-60

- House 24 Omatalo Kulma


A light utility room enlivened with a wooden panel


A beautiful wooden panel as the back panel in the utility room — sink Stala Combo P50-60

- House 13 Designtalo Puro

Laundry requires worktop space and drying areas

The areas near the washer generally had plenty of worktop space which helps you sort and fold laundry.

Worktop space is necessary in the utility room

Having plenty of worktop space makes the handling of laundry easier. Steel suits the log house well. Thin 20 mm steel worktop is Stala’s Seven.
- House 25 Kontio Hill House


Most utility rooms did not have a lot of space for drying the laundry. Even though the dryer dries most of the laundry, every once in a while you need to air or air-dry your laundry.

A well-designed utility room makes life easier


A successful drying area is also beautiful

- House 17 Talo Keuda


A beautiful and light utility room

Playful tiles in a light utility room

- House 21 Kastelli Kuori 115

Impressive structured tiles and a steel worktop make a great match


The gorgeous structured wall tiles are impressive — a steel worktop is also suitable for the utility room — the thin StalaTex worktop has the Clay pattern

- House 41 Honka Huomen


There’s plenty to choose from in wall and floor tiles

The colour schemes imitate the house’s tones and style. Many utility rooms had bold floor and wall tiles, and the use of colour had clearly increased.

Dark green utility room

A beautiful dark green wooden door

- House 22 Townhouse Rokka


A colourful utility room brightens up your day


A colourful utility room brightens up your day — the gorgeous floor tiles match the style

- House 30 Jämerä Salmiakki



Many utility rooms had a black tap and black sink — the small composite sink is Stala’s CEG40-50B

- House 19 Sievitalo Kultakoivu


A black sink and black tap in the utility room


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