Housing Fair 2020 trends

The Tuusula Housing Fair highlighted various housing-related themes, including responsibility, working from home, Scandinavian with a twist of Japan, versatile use of art, wellness and the return of the kitchen. Phenomena that impact interior design include the increasing significance of wellness, the changing nature of work, climate concerns, the ease of daily life and digital trends.


Responsibility, ecological values and recycling had a strong presence at the Tuusula Housing Fair. Various renewable natural materials are used in the houses. Authentic, high-quality and sustainable materials such as wood, stone and natural textiles are favoured in interior design. Ecological values have made recycling and reusing more popular. Allergy-free materials are also preferred.

Natural, clear and sustainable kitchens


Sustainable choices create a natural and sleek kitchen - House 13 Designtalo Puro

The ecological focus also led to each house’s environmental impact being calculated for the first time. Only the impact of living has been calculated previously. Now, the load caused by the construction materials, construction and even demolition had been included.

Working from home

As our lives become more and more digital, homes have also become offices as remote working is now a significant part of life for many of us. The significance of light in interior design has increased. The Housing Fair included some gorgeous lighting solutions created with indirect LED lights as well as large windows that let in natural light.

Adjustable furniture and storage solutions are proof of the increasing trend of versatile spaces.

Scandinavian with a twist of Japan

The interiors contained plenty of soft and gentle shapes in the form of, for example, small round tables and lightweight chairs. Scandinavian style came through in clear lines, lightness as well as natural tones and materials. This was combined with minimalistic Japanese design, which creates the so-called “Japandi”, i.e. Japanese Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style with a twist of Japan

Japandi at its best: a light, sleek and minimalistic kitchen - House 22 Townhouse Rokka

Finns want to have sharp, easy-to-clean surfaces and spaces where everything is hidden. We also like to have a space where the soul can rest. The Fair contained various wooden houses where wood is visible also inside as, for example, wooden slats on the walls. Oak was a favourite of the wooden materials.

We saw a lot of black in connecting doors, sinks, taps and skirting boards, which creates a contrast to the rest of the decor.

Stairs have become a design element that gets a lot of attention. Stairs are now placed centrally in many smaller houses, and their aesthetics are invested in.


The Tuusula Housing Fair had a strong focus on art. It could be seen as visual arts, sculptures, statues and glass both indoors and outside. Culture is no longer hidden.


Cultural background showcased as Indonesian design - House 24 Omatalo Kulma


Wellness focuses on creating a smooth daily life. The new luxury is unique and appreciates manual skills.

A functioning utility room is everyday luxury - House 2b Pikkupolku Modern

Based on the Housing Fair, large spa areas are a thing of the past. Saunas and bathrooms had become smaller, but attention was paid to their functionality and aesthetics. We saw various kinds of sauna bench solutions and the lighting and sound effects were carefully thought out.

The return of the kitchen

A rising trend at the Housing Fair was the return of the kitchen. We might see more separate kitchens in the future. The design solutions had partially returned to the L-shaped kitchen which is a bit separate from the rest of the house. We could also see a lot of stove hoods built into the worktops. If you look closely, you can also see that handles have returned to the kitchen.

Black kitchens are accompanied by white kitchens with a touch of light wood. The black kitchens are also freshened up with white or light wood.

A black kitchen gets a breath of fresh air from white and light wood - House 39 Uusi unelma


The concrete kitchen island combined with a black kitchen is absolutely magnificent - House 30 Jämerä Salmiakki

Trends in a nutshell

The Housing Fair trends can be summarised in the following themes:

- Responsibility, ecological and eco-efficiency

- Natural and durable materials

- Decor continues outside the house

- Investing in quality

- Appreciation of manual skills - luxury is unique

- Scandinavian sleekness and clarity combined with Japanese minimalism

- Light natural colours combined with black contrasts

- Highlighting arts, community and accessibility

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