Housing Fair 2020 kitchen trends

The Housing Fair is the best way to get a glimpse into the current trends in one go.

Kitchens are still large and a lot of effort had been put into them at the Fair. Most were still open kitchens, but separate L-shaped kitchens are also gaining in popularity.

Black kitchens and wooden surfaces

Black was still the favourite colour for kitchens at the Tuusula Housing Fair. Light wood is now often combined with black in many houses, which lightens up the atmosphere.

Stylish matte black — a breakfast cupboard is hidden behind the folding doors to the right
- House 25 Kontio Hill House

A matte black kitchen, black tap and black sink as well as Dekton worktops
- House 38 Finnlog Hetena

Festivo’s black refrigeration equipment looks stylish in an all-black kitchen
- House 4 semi-detached Veljesteco

Light upper cupboards lighten up the atmosphere
- House 2b Pikkupolku Modern

There were a few colourful kitchens at the Fair — a beautiful grey-green colour or a door the colour of blueberries were some of the distinctive choices.

A beautiful green kitchen with matte black laminate worktops. Black sink Stala CEG51-57B.
- House 19 Sievitalo Kultakoivu

A green kitchen is a distinctive choice
- House 17 Talo Keuda

The blue kitchen radiates Scandinavian style

The blue kitchen radiates timeless Scandinavian style
- House 41 Honka Huomen

Finns still prefer white kitchens, but it was refreshing to see how wood — particularly oak, birch and walnut — shone through at the Fair.

Birch kitchen and white quartz worktops

Birch looks fresh with white accents
- House 21 Kastelli Kuori 115

A light oak kitchen and a thin steel worktop

A light oak kitchen and a thin 12 mm Stala Tailor-made steel worktop
- House 2a Pikkupolku Retro

We saw many pull handles and round knobs in the kitchens. Doors without handles remained popular.

Placing the pantry under the stairs increases the amount of storage space

The pantry is cleverly placed under the stairs as was the habit in the old Finnish detached houses called rintamamiestalo.
- House 14 Jukkatalo Tuulia

Kitchen worktops

Stone worktops came in light patterned quartz, limestone and terrazzo. We also saw dark worktops with large patterns.

Stone worktops are now patterned

Tulikivi’s impressive stone worktop continues upward
- House 4 semi-detached Veljesteco

A thin steel worktop is modern and well-suited for wooden surfaces. Laminate worktops have stunning matte or wood-patterned surfaces.

Concrete worktops and a yellow tap

The dark kitchen has concrete worktops and a gorgeous yellow tap.
- House 30 Jämerä Salmiakki

Kitchen taps and sinks

The most popular sink at the Housing Fair was a black composite sink and a black kitchen tap. We also saw some copper and golden kitchen taps.

A copper tap and a matte black kitchen

A stylish all-black kitchen with copper details. Sink Stala CEG-50BF.
- House 25 Kontio Hill House

Steel sinks were often installed elegantly under the worktop. Easy to maintain and stylish.

The steel sink is mounted under the stone worktop.

A gorgeous stone worktop from Ylämaan Graniitti with Stala’s undermount steel sink LAGOM-50
- House 13 Designtalo Puro

Kitchen appliances

We saw several exquisite wide hobs with a stove hood built directly into the hob or next to it. Appliances were elegantly integrated into the furnishings or in the same colour as the furnishings.

A black kitchen with terrazzo surfaces
- House 7 HEVI stone house Lumitiikeri

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