How to use StalaTex-material in kitchen and utility room?

See our best tips for creating beautiful spaces with StalaTex

What should one take into consideration when planning StalaTex products? Stala's Category Manager Jari Peltonen shares his best tips for combining different patterns and materials. You'll also find photos from newly renovated kitchens and utility rooms.


Collection Harri Koskinen consists of 8 patterns that are designed to match different kitchen styles. The patterns are divided into natural, graphic and minimalistic styles. The unique material can be used for kitchen worktops, backsplashes and cover panels.

StalaTex pattern Clay in kitchen worktop, backsplash and kitchen island. Photo from housing fair in Kouvola 2019.

The graphic patterns - Honeycomb, Herring and Ice floe

We suggest that representational patterns should be combined with neutral surfaces and materials. Ice floe is at its best as a backsplach between kitchen cabinets. It looks distinguished and matches perfect modern Scandinavian style.

Backsplashes are made-to-order products. Maximum length is 3 000 mm.

When combining same graphical pattern in worktop and backsplash, it is good to know that thickness of the worktop affects the placement of the pattern. That is why the pattern in the backsplash doesn't necessary meet the pattern in the worktop. It is no object for combining the patterns but is good to know especially if one has a sharp eye for details. See example of a stainless steel worktop M-Seven combined with a US backsplash, both with the pattern Herring.



The pattern Herring also matches with backsplash of glass os tiles. 


The discrete patterns - Line and Clay

The designers' favourite patterns are the plain and minimalistic Line and Clay, which can easilly be used both in worktop and back panel - even if the rest of the interior would be very colourful and bold. If you are looking for one pattern which matches all other StalaTex patterns, choose Line.


Line is a timeless pattern and the risk that you'll get bored with it is minimal. For example, a combination of stainless steel and oak tree is a classic.


Low back panels / backsplashes are very trendy right now. The pattern Clay is a perfect choice for this kind of combination.


The back panel has now a new under structure. It can also be used as a cover plate in the end of kitchen cabinets / kitchen island.


Patterns from the nature - Leaf, Spruce and Hill

The most traditional pattern, Hill, has gotten its inspiration from the forests and hills in Eastern Finland. We suggest to use it in traditional and rustic kitchen styles. 


The pattern appears differently depending on the lightning. It also appears more visible when you look at it horizontally, e.g. in the front edge of the worktop or in the backsplash.


Although the pattern Spruce is very neutral, it creates a cozy athmosphere in the kitchen. When it sees a spot of light, the pattern will appear beautifully and discreetly. By changing the backsplash between kitchen cabinets, you can instantly create a new, fresh look for your dining space.


Design your own StalaTex-products with out new Stala*Designer planning program. You'll get a code and a drawing of your plan. It is now even possible to add many products in the same plan - worktops with or without sinks and backsplashes.


Best regards,

Jari Peltonen
Category Manager

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