The sink matters – how to choose the correct sink for your kitchen


Why is the choice of a kitchen sink so important and how do you choose the right sink?

The sink together with the tap is the most used area in the kitchen. That is why the choice should be made with thought to match your specific needs. Stala has a wide selection of sinks and worktops to offer alternatives for all tastes and purposes. But which things should be paid attention to when planning a kitchen?

“I recommend to start off with practical needs. A small kitchen for a city living single is naturally going to need a different type of sink than the kitchen of a large family”, notes Stala’s Category Manager Jari Peltonen.

Stala kitchen worktop

“If you often wash dishes by hand and handle large dishes and kitchen utensils, it is going to affect the size of the bowl and even the number of bowls you need. For others, a small sink will be sufficient, while others might need a maxi-sized sink to even fit whole baking trays”, Peltonen describes.

Big sink that fits even a baking tray

At the summer cottage or when dishwashing by hand it is convenient to have two bowls, while those who cook a lot can appreciate a one and a half bowl sink.

Two big bowls in a kitchen worktop

If you like to bake or cook with meat and fish, a kitchen worktop with plenty of hygienic stainless steel working surface is a convenient and safe choice. A worktop can be chosen with a raised edge profile, which keeps water on the counter instead of flowing onto the floor.


When you have identified your kitchen needs and habits, it is sensible to also consider the other countertop material for the kitchen.
“A stone worktop can be fitted with a sink without a tap area, since the stone can also withstand splatters of water and there is no concern in mounting the tap right onto the stone. For a flashier stone worktop, I would choose a more impressive sink as well, to make the combination harmonious”, says Peltonen.

Stala Combo CEG51-57BF

If you choose a laminate or wood countertop material, a sink with a tap area would be the best choice, since mounting the tap straight onto wood or laminate can create risk with moisture. It is also worthwhile to have at least some stainless steel drainage area or working surface next to the bowl, since wood is not the best material to withstand splatters of water and setting wet dishes on.

Stala MF-40-17S sink with working surface

With Stala’s wide selection you can find a solution to fit all countertop materials, measurements, styles and needs. Kitchen remodelers can benefit from the maximized possibilities offered by Stala’s made to measure worktops, which can be designed with wanted measurements and choices. No longer do you have to choose a certain worktop that fits your kitchen but the stainless steel worktop will be tailor-made to fit your kitchen plans perfectly. Try how easy it is to create your own kitchen worktop with our Stala Designer planning program.

Stala ComboT kitchen worktop