Clearly the most stylish black composite sink

What is the result when first class Finnish design meets uncompromising usability at its best? A modern and new, hard as quartz design kitchen sink, which is designed to serve even the most demanding home chef. The bowl is designed in cooperation with the renowned Finnish design company, Pentagon Design.

The quality of the composite material, the functionality and the original design aesthetics wanted to be utilized in the bowl design. The resulting new bowl design gives the consumer the opportunity to choose a long-lasting, functional and high-quality product into the kitchen, says the Design Director Sauli Suomela from Pentagon Design.

The CEG-50B composite bowl will turn eyes, even after regular use. The trendy black color of the bowl combined with the user-friendly design, make it clearly the most stylish choice for a modern kitchen. The bowls size makes it possible to wash even large kitchen equipment, such as baking trays, without splashing.


The Innovative bottom design helps in keeping the bowl clean

The CEG-50B has a unique bottom design which is topped off with a special coated straining plate. The larger than usual straining plate collects all food waste at the bottom of the bowl and it is easy to clean due to its silicone handle. The waste straining plate is also stylishly black, and it has a special coating which makes it resistant to dirt.

When you remove the straining plate, you can easily fit cutlery for example into the inset around the drain. Washing dishes has been taken into consideration in the design, as the spacious bowl can be used for washing frying pans and baking trays.

-The new sink fulfills Stala’s objectives of design, functionality and quality in the best possible way, says Stala’s Category Manager Jari Peltonen.

To ease washing dishes, a reliable pop-up valve has been designed for the sink. With the push of a button, the sink valve closes, and you can fill the bowl with water. When finished with the dishes, just release the sink valve by pushing the button again, without having to place your hands in the water. The sleek chromed sink valve and the push button finish off the stylish and streamlined appearance of the sink.


All set – the world’s best kitchen accessories

The stylish and practical Stala Set will complete the usability of your kitchen. The set of two kitchen accessories has been designed based on the wishes of Finnish consumers. Our kitchen accessory study was answered by over 300 eager home chefs of the Avainklubi community, and the set is developed according to the voiced needs and wishes.

Jari Peltonen and Sauli Suomela tell more about the product development process:

-We carried out a wide survey with both consumers and professionals, and the design result is a two-piece set, which helps with the most important stages of cooking. Long-lasting, durable materials and a thought-out design will ensure a functional and accurate solution. The product design also took into consideration the option these items could be left out on display and be part of kitchen décor.

The good-sized SET-1 draining basket makes washing and draining vegetables easy. The basket is made of bendy silicone material and has handles so it is easy to drain the liquids and pour the contents back into the pot. The draining basket is a perfect fit on top of the inset straining area of the CEG-50B bowl, so it is very convenient for draining pasta water. The draining basket can however be used with any sink, since the innovative bottom design makes the groceries inside stay hygienic and not touch the bottom of the bowl.

The wooden SET-2 chopping board has a firm non-sliding underside, so chopping and slicing is easy even on top of the bowl. The measurements are carefully thought out so that the bowl size doesn’t limit the use of the chopping board. The long sides of the board have ergonomic facets which make it easy to handle and move the board on the counter or on top of the bowl, wherever needed. This large wooden chopping board fits all kitchen sinks and also functions as a serving tray.


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