ONE 1,5 sinks with tap area

Climate action
ONE 1,5 sinks with tap area
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compared to reference Stala product.

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during the washing cycle compared to reference Stala product.

The ONE sink family is the first 100% climate reduced stainless steel sink product family. It combines modern, elegant design, sustainability, and easy installation.

ONE sinks feature a completely new Flow strainer, which not only improves practicality but also provides a pleasing appearance.

The ONE sink components are designed to meet the demands of today's consumers. The sinks are sized to provide excellent usability and a sleek visual appearance.

Thanks to the StalaHybrid installation method, sink installation is extremely easy and fast. The sink can be installed as an inset mount, undermount, or flush mount, with a patent pending method.

ONE-T17-34 is suitable for a 60 cm or larger cabinet. In this model, the bigger sink is on the right. If you prefer the bigger sink on the left, choose ONE-T34-17.

This product might look ordinary but there's a lot going on behind the label to help reduce its impact on our planet. By choosing ONE, you are helping the climate. Learn more >


STALA ONE sinks are complemented by innovative sustainable accessories. ONE accessories WOOD-38, COMP-38, DRY-38, and DRIP-38 are designed to be used with ONE sinks. All accessories can be stacked on top of each other to save space, and they can also be used separately.

ONE-T17-34 is particularly suitable for:

  • Various kitchen styles
  • Laminate, wood, stone, and composite worktops
  • Inset mount, undermount, and flush mount installation
Product codeONE-T17-34
EAN code6417791244225
Warranty (months)24
MaterialStainless steel
FittingInsetting, Under-mounting, Flush-mounting
Minimum cupboard width cm60
Length616 mm
Width520 mm
Depth190 mm
Carbon footprint (CO2e)45.51 kg
Dimensions of the bowl, main bowl340x385x180
Pool dimensions, auxiliary bowl170x385x150
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