Design award from Plootu Fennica

The Wood Rack firewood range received honorable mention in the design category of the Plootu Fennica competition 2016. The design competition is for products in which the sheet metal construction is an essential part of the design, production or innovation. The Wood Rack range is designed together with Pentagon Design.

Plootu Fennica honorable mention Wood Rack

The jury’s comments:

“The Wood Rack firewood range is a product family of simplified design and it functions comprehensively in both homes and summer houses in which wood is used. The product range makes the logistics of handling firewood much easier and it also helps in keeping places tidy and organized. The sheet metal has been used in a trendy and simply stylish manner. The shelf for kindling is a good feature that is often missing in similar products. The Wood Rack 360 is a product with few rivals and it has a clear demand in between a woodpile and a woodshed in outdoor use. The Wood Rack firewood range deserves rewarding in functionality, the sheet metal construction and in design.“

Stala Jari Peltonen Plootu Fennica kunniamaininta
Stala's Category Manager Jari Peltonen received the prize at Konepajamessut in Tampere.

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