Wood Rack product range chosen for the Journalists’ Dozen at Habitare fair

Stala’s Wood Rack range, which was launched in the spring, is increasing its popularity further. The association of interior design journalists awarded Wood Rack as part of the Journalists’ Dozen at Habitare interior, design and furniture fair. The multipurpose quality of the Wood Rack products fascinated the panel and the journalists were especially pleased with the stylish firewood rack for outdoor use and its convenient season cover.

The Journalists’ Dozen aims to highlight functional, Finnish, everyday design by choosing and awarding 12 of the most interesting products brought into production during the year. The products rewarded by the panel are designed well and they offer a solution to a current need with style. The Wood Rack firewood racks are designed together with Pentagon Design, a Finnish design agency.

Stala Wood Rack range

The Wood Rack products have received a wide coverage and popularity. The timeless and modern design previously also received honorable mention in the design category of the Plootu Fennica competition of 2016.

-We are excited about the acknowledgements we have received and the positive attention Wood Rack has awoken, states Category Manager Jari Peltonen.

Wood Rack firewood racks are designed to make the arranging, carrying and storing of firewood easier, especially in detached houses and at summer cottages. The firewood rack for outdoor use functions as temporary storage and the convenient season cover keeps the logs dry and protected from the elements. The smaller firewood racks intended for indoor use are suitable for carrying and storing magazines and books as well as firewood.

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