When technology and design meet

Maybe it’s time to create something new with stainless steel, the traditional industrial material? Lahti-based Stala’s innovation StalaTex™ is leading us into a new era of stainless steel.


STALA’S NEW UNIQUE STALATEX™ MATERIAL takes stainless steel to a completely new level. StalaTex combines the unbeatable qualities of stainless steel with beautiful design textures. Finnish know-how is at its best when technology and design meet. The StalaTex™ technology has now been productised as worktops, sink units and wall and back panels, but there’s no end in sight for its success.

StalaTex™ was designed to improve steel’s resistance to scratches and fingerprints as well as to make the cold and industrial material feel warmer and easier to approach. As a hygienic, durable and recyclable material, stainless steel is unbeatable. Thanks to StalaTex, it’s now also pretty to look at. This enables a more versatile use of the material in various interior design and construction projects.

Innovative technology as the basis for growth and success

Stala is the world’s first company to innovate a production line with modern and environmentally friendly laser technology that creates industrially patterned large stainless steel surfaces. Stainless steel is naturally hygienic and durable, and it’s made even more ecological by its recyclability. Thanks to StalaTex, surfaces age in a beautiful manner and stand the test of time better.

“Stala’s goal is to be interesting, growing and profitable. StalaTex was created for the needs of our stakeholders, and I’m incredibly satisfied by how the markets have received us, even though we’re only at the beginning of our journey,” says Managing Director Pasi Kallio from Stala. “I’m also extremely proud of the entire Stala team that enables the development of our company. Our committed and competent personnel is the single most important factor that impacts our operations,” Kallio continues.

Stala’s Managing Director Pasi Kallio
Image: Kaapo Kamu

On a responsible journey

The almost 50-year-old Stala Oy employs nearly 50 people directly in Lahti and even more indirectly. For Stala, responsible business operations mean profitable growth towards a sustainable future — ecologically, socially and economically.

About Stala

Stala is a design company from Lahti, with deep roots in appreciation for Finnish work, functioning design and quality. Stala’s story began in 1972 with a simple everyday need — kitchen worktop — that, throughout the years, grew into a business based on the idea of realising high-quality design in everything we do. For Stala, design is not just about the shape of a product. Instead, we aim to make the entire life cycle of a product as functioning, efficient as high-quality as possible. www.stala.com

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