The domestic kitchen of TOAS new student housing

Durable domestic materials selected as the most competitive for TOAS rental apartments

Two apartment buildings are being built in Pappila, Tampere by the Tampere Student Housing Foundation TOAS. We got to visit the almost finished apartment together with Petra Levola and Petteri Neva of Neva Architects and with Tiina Puustinen from Mellano. We got to know the kitchen environment and it´s design, which was based on wear resistance, ease of care, economy and aesthetics.

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Requirements for student housing

Naturally, in student rental apartments, the turnover of residents is quite frequent, which also sets its own criteria for material choices. Durability of consumption and easy maintenance are important to the customer, so they also guide the design of the kitchen, without forgetting the aesthetics. In project construction, competitiveness, cost and economy are also particularly important criteria. The same criteria apply to all rental housing construction, where durable materials are an extremely safe and economical choice for the builder.

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Domestic actors involved in the implementation of the kitchen

Based on the above-mentioned characteristics, the Finnish Mellano Oy from Lapinlahti was selected as the kitchen furniture supplier for the construction site by TOAS. Custom-made worktops for kitchens are made by Stala in Lahti. The products of both players are competitive and the collections are extensive, modern and versatile.

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Construction site has a Mellano´s new Decor door in trial, which is a film-coated MDF door with a harder surface resistance, which is necessary in sites where residents change frequently. The decor door also allows for a seamless, aesthetic look.

The selected kitchen furnitures and the stainless steel Seven worktops have been awarded the Key Flag label, so they are guaranteed to be domestic products.

StalaTex pattern on worktops

Stala Seven worktops were chosen for the kitchens worktops. They are carefree in terms of student housing, durable and also bring water safety. For worktops, Petra chose the StalaTex Line pattern, which also helps to eliminate the visibility of scratches and thus keep the surfaces representative for a long time.

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Indeed these kitchens are good for students to spend time and cook! In addition to practicality, the kitchens are also beautiful and eye-catching.

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