The Revit objects for custom-made worktops and backsplashes now from Stala


We have supplemented our already wide-ranging Revit object library with the Seven custom-made worktops and backsplashes. You can now use the Revit programme to design the perfect worktop or backsplash for your project by using its own measurements. Stala’s Revit object library contains all the Seven kitchen worktops, the backsplash panels, and the stainless steel and composite sinks to be installed to the worktops.

Objects available on the ProdLib portal 

Stala’s Revit objects can now be downloaded from the free ProdLib application. You can choose Finnish, Swedish or English as the language for the ProdLib interface. The measuring and designing of custom-made objects is done on Stala Designer embedded in the ProdLib service, after which they are transferred to Revit. Stala’s Revit objects are compatible with the 2015 version and the versions newer than it. Find out more from the instruction video "How to use the Revit objects of Stala’s custom-made products?".

What is ProdLib?

ProdLib is a product library for architects and structural engineers. Using ProdLib as a tool in the designing phase improves work efficiency and keeps the initial information up to date as the service provides all information automatically updated.

What is Revit?

Revit is a programme for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and it contains tools for architects, designers and construction professionals. By using it, designers and construction professionals can take their ideas from a concept to the construction phase with a coordinated and uniform, model-based approach.

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