Staying out of the kitchen just got a whole lot harder

The Stala and Alveus partnership takes a big leap forward on 1 October 2021. On this day the two separate brands begin working together, offering their customers each other’s products.


For over half a century, both Stala and Alveus have provided top-quality kitchen sinks and equipment. Stala has focused on Scandinavian design and functionality, while Alveus has excelled in Mediterranean self-expression and beauty.

“Each brand is strong on their own, but we are much stronger together,” says Stala’s CEO Pasi Härkönen. “Combined we have over 100 years of experience in developing the best solutions. The people who use our products are always at the centre of everything we do. Now we will be able to serve them even better and provide a wider range of solutions.”

Wider assortment of products

Stala and Alveus working together is the natural evolution of their partnership which began a year ago. The owner of the Alveus brand, Kovinoplastika Lož Group, acquired Stala in September 2020. It was a perfect combination, as the two brands were similar but had different design philosophies and core markets.

“Now our customers will have a wider assortment of products and new materials,” Härkönen says. “For example, Stala is a leader in stainless steel, while Alveus has different materials in remarkable colours. If you are remodelling your kitchen you can design it so every part has a unique meaning and function. And, of course, it will look great every time.”

Stala specialises in stainless steel worktops, kitchen sinks, wall panels and mailboxes. They have also developed StalaTex, patterned stainless steel surfaces for worktops and cover panels. Alveus is famous for their sinks, kitchen taps and accessories. They use stainless steel as well as innovative materials such as tempered glass and composites. Alveus’ Monarch Collection uses a surface treatment for stainless steel in colours of gold, copper, anthracite or bronze.

Better services

The partnership between Alveus and Stala will result in more than simply additional products. Both brands stress sustainability in their operations. By sharing best practices sustainability can continue to be improved for both brands. Customers should also receive better and faster service.

“This is the starting point for our future,” says Härkönen. “By combining the elements of both brands we are stronger together. By providing the best products and services to people we hope to become one of the top three brands in Europe.”

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About Stala

Stala Oy is a Finnish design company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for functional home spaces. Our core competence is combining stainless steel, Finnish design and practicality. In our Lahti factory we manufacture products that have the Key Flag and Design for Finland labels. The patterned StalaTex™ stainless steel surfaces have been awarded the internationally recognised Green GOOD DESIGN 2021 Award. From September 2020, Stala has been part of Kovinoplastika Lož Group.


About Alveus

Alveus brand products are designed for both modern and classic kitchens. They are made of the highest quality and latest materials and enable simple and environmentally friendly maintenance. Extremely wide and varied product range, different colors and materials give you complete freedom to express yourself, give the kitchen your signature and make it truly your own.

Innovation, material and manufacturing quality, and constant search for new solutions to increase the comfort and functionality of our products, are areas where we do not compromise. This is why Alveus sinks rank among the top modern design solutions and boast quality that exceeds similar products in many respects.

Sinks, taps and other Alveus brand products are available in most major European markets.

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