Stala's novelties at Habitare interior, design and furniture fair on 7-11 September 2022

Stala brings novelties to Habitare with its stainless steel surfaces. Patterned and smooth stainless steel can be seen in two different locations. Welcome to meet us at stand 6e51 created by Dream Cozy and at the Signals trend exhibition in the Ahead hall!


Patterned stainless steel collection designed by Gert Wingårdh for the first time at the fair

At booth 6e51, Stala's core competence comes into its own with stainless steel kitchen worktops and backsplashes. You’ll find both patterned and smooth stainless steel surfaces on different worktops. The department was designed by interior designer Anna-Kaisa Melvas.

“Domesticity, classicism and coziness were the main themes of the design work. In the design of the department, I wanted to bring out the most up-to-date and wonderful products of each brand.”, says Melvas, who created the total design.


The StalaTex collection created by Gert Wingårdh can be seen at the fair for the first time. Gert Wingårdh has been active as an architect for over 40 years. Now as then, the hand and pen are Gert Wingårdh’s primary tools. With Trace, Wingårdh explores the innermost essence of the creative process; the moment when a thought becomes a line. With an arsenal of pencils, inks and brushes, Wingårdh lets dashes and splashes flow in different directions and densities. The result is seven patterns, most easily described as hand-drawn traces of thoughts. Trace is, thus, a portal straight into the mind of architect Gert Wingårdh.

Patterned stainless steel kitchen designed by Matti Klenell at the Signals trend exhibition

Signals trend exhibition focuses on the future trends and weak signals of interiors, living, lifestyle and design. The phenomena are mirrored through larger megatrends and societal changes. Signals is curated by Susanna Björklund and Sisse Collander, and it is part of Ahead!, the design area of Habitare. Stala presents the patterned stainless steel kitchen designed in collaboration with Matti Klenell at the Signals trend exhibition.

Matti Klenell designed a graphic patterned stainless steel collection for Stala. In the design process, Klenell started with a vision to create patterns that contribute to an interior by being clear spatial graphic exclamation points. He studied the use of decorative patterns in architecture and tried to identify motifs and methods for how it can add a spatial dimension and an increased value to the stainless steel material. As the result, Grid collection was born with eight patterns.


”I aimed for abstract, big scale patterns and strong graphics clearly visible from a distance. I believe this new collection will play a central role in creating an interesting visual, as well as functional, experience. I am amazed at how fresh and new the concept feels when seeing it implemented in actual environments.”, describes Klenell.

StalaTex is a lasersharp technology that revolutionises the use of stainless steel

StalaTex adds softness to steel. Laser-patterned stainless steel collection is designed to last a lifetime. StalaTex patterns do not wear out even in hard use, and the patterns also make scratches and dirt less noticeable on the surfaces. The internationally awarded StalaTex technology is a sustainable and ecological method for patterning the surface of stainless steel.

StalaTex is available for worktops, wall panels and cover panels.

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Stala is a Finnish design company that designs, produces and markets innovative solutions for functional home spaces. The core of our expertise lies in the ability to combine stainless steel, Finnish design and an understanding of life. At our factory in Lahti, we manufacture products with Design from Finland and Key Flag symbols, which we are proud to export to several export countries. Stala Oy is a part of Kovinoplastika Lož Group since September 2020.

Swedish designer Matti Klenell (b. 1972) graduated with an MFA from the department of interior architecture at Konstfack University in 1999. He soon founded his own practice mainly  focusing on product design related to space and architecture. Today the Stockholm-based studio works on a broad spectra of commissions for numerous clients in Sweden and abroad. The great variety of work stretches from unique studio art pieces to mass-produced industrial design projects in collaboration with manufacturers such as Iittala, Lintex, Fontana Arte and Offecct. Klenell has earned numerous awards and his designs are today rep-resented in several museum collections. Klenell is known as a facilitator in the Swedish design community.

Gert Wingårdh has been active as an architect for over 40 years. In 1977, he founded Wingårdh Architects, which over the years has become one of Sweden’s most prominent architecture firms. The quality of the office’s large production has generated many prizes and awards both in Sweden and  internationally. Gert Wingårdh is the only architect to have been awarded the prestigious Kasper Salin Prize five times. The air traffic control tower at Arlanda, Universeum in Gothenburg and the Swedish embassies in Berlin and Washington are some of the buildings that bear his signature. In 1999, he was appointed honorary doctorate at Chalmers University of Technology. He also participates as an architecture expert in Swedish Television’s show Husdrömmar.

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