Stala won Green GOOD DESIGN® Award 2021 for StalaTex™ stainless steel surfaces

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design has awarded StalaTex™ by Green GOOD DESIGN® 2021, which is one of the most recognized design awards in the world. Green GOOD DESIGN® award is very specialized edition of the original GOOD DESIGN program, which was founded in Chicago in 1950 by Eero Saarinen and Charles and Ray Eames.


Green GOOD DESIGN identifies and emphasizes the world’s most important new international products that are leading the global way to a design that is fully sustainable and compatible with the highest standards of good environment.

For 2021, Green GOOD DESIGN, the Museum received hundreds of submissions from around the world. Members of The European Center’s International Advisory Committee — worldwide leaders in the design industry — served as the jury and selected over 150 new products, programs, people, environmental planning, and architecture as outstanding examples of Green Design from 28 nations. Under the banner, “Build A Better World Now,” designs for buildings and products that emphasize the most advanced “Green Approach” and the most sophisticated methods and technology to make the most positive impact on the environment were cited and awarded.

StalaTex™ as the world’s most important examples of sustainable design

StalaTex™ was designed to make scratches and fingerprints less visible on stainless steel surfaces as well as to make the cold and industrial material feel warmer and easier to approach. As a hygienic, durable and recyclable material, stainless steel is unbeatable. Thanks to StalaTex™, it doesn’t only endure hard use but also the long looks. Actually it is practically calling out for admiration. This enables a more versatile use of the material in various interior design and construction projects.

The technology behind StalaTex™ is completely chemical free, low energy consuming high technology. When talking about sustainability one must consider products’ total life cycle impact. The stainless steel material used for StalaTex™ is approximately 90% recycled. Due to StalaTex™ the stainless steel ages with dignity in long-term use and decreases the need for replacements. One could say that StalaTex™ is made to last forever. Though the product is 100% recyclable after its long life time use. In addition to environmentally friendly, chemical-free and low-energy manufacturing process, the material waste is minimized and all stainless steel leftovers are 100% recycled during the manufacturing process. The factory in Finland uses only wind energy for even greener outcome.

In 2019, Stala Corp. was the first in the world to launch laser-patterned StalaTex™ products. At first StalaTex™ was utilized into worktops and backsplashes, but only the sky is the limit for the applications of the technology. Stala's development work has propelled the product group to growth with a constant upward curve as StalaTex becomes more common in both project construction and individual consumer kitchen projects. 

- “We are honored to receive this prestigious design award. Sustainability has been one of our main driving factors for years and now it has paid of. We have developed StalaTex to meet our customers’ needs, but at the same time it leads our journey towards a sustainable future”, says Pasi Kallio, CEO of Stala.

Stala’s journey towards a sustainable future

Stala Corporation is committed to broad responsibility values. These are promotion of wellbeing, efficient use of resources, decreasing carbon footprint and responsible business operations. Stala’s objective is to be carbon neutral by 2035. In addition, the company has committed to decrease the amount of factory waste by 10% annually and to recycle all created waste by 2030. The same ambitious annual reduction goal of 10% also applies to the use of water and energy.

- “We are very honored and proud for the recognition. The Museum's GOOD DESIGN® is a "seal of approval" that our products have meet the industry's highest standard for Design Excellence. It has been a pleasure to notice that our customers also consider Stala to be a very responsible company”, says Anne Kanervo, Marketing Manager of Stala.

Additional information

Pasi Harkönen, CEO, Stala Corp., tel. +358 40 093 4119,

Anne Kanervo, Marketing Manager, Stala Corp., tel. +358 40 652 6165,


Stala is a Finnish design company that designs, produces and markets innovative solutions for functional home spaces. The core of our expertise lies in the ability to combine stainless steel, Finnish design and an understanding of life. At our factory in Lahti, we manufacture products with Design from Finland and Key Flag symbols, which we are proud to export to several export countries. Stala is a part of Kovinoplastika Lož Group since September 2020.

The Chicago Athenaeum ( is a global nonprofit education and research institute supported by its members. Its mission is to provide public education about the significance of architecture and design and how those disciplines can have a positive effect on the human environment.

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies ( is dedicated to public education concerning all aspects of the built environment - from entire cities to individual buildings - including the philosophical issues of arts and culture that ultimately give the final shape to design. A high emphasis exists on contemporary values and aesthetics, conservation and sustainability, and the theoretical exploration and advancement of art and design as the highest expression of culture and urbanism.

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