First-class Stala Ultra makes life easier for a family with children

The newly completed, big black detached house together with its outbuildings is a spectacular sight. In this family house, even the smallest details have been taken into account. Functionality has been the driving force when designing the house for the family, and the kitchen is definitely no exception to this.

STALA_Ultra-70_sink_800px_01.jpgFunctionality has been the driving force in the kitchen to make the everyday life easier - without compromising on aesthetics.

The mother, Noora, tells how they ended up choosing the Stala Ultra-70 stainless steel sink for their new kitchen:

”We chose Stala Ultra sink for our new kitchen because we wanted a large sink with plenty of space to do the dishes. Stainless steel was an obvious choice because it is a hygienic and easy-to-clean material. And it lasts forever.”

STALA_Ultra-70_sink_800px_02.jpgAs a material, stainless steel is very durable and can be recycled forever. The stainless steel sink is hygienic and easy to keep clean.


“We also wanted the sink to be mounted under the worktop. The Ultra sink doesn’t have any gaps where dirt could accumulate, which makes keeping it clean extremely easy. It is also aesthetically pleasing.”, Noora continues.

STALA_Ultra-70_sink_800px_04.jpgEase of care, hygiene and usability are emphasizes in the Ultra collection. Ultra also boasts a specialised, integrated basket drain valve. The basket drain valve is completely seamless and raises hygiene to a whole new level. 


After a few months of use, Noora states that they have been really satisfied with their choices. It's great to hear that the Ultra sink has fulfilled its promise in the daily use of a family with children. We wish Noora's family pleasant moments in the new kitchen!

STALA_Ultra-70_sink_800px_03.jpgUltra sinks are finished down to the last detail. The seamless design pleases the discerning eye and brings hygiene part of everyday life.

Watch the story in video format below. Put the English subtitles on since the spoken language in the video is Finnish. 


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