Stala ONE Sink Collection Expands

The Stala ONE sink range is now growing with four new models. These additions comprise various sizes of single bowls, complementing the existing product line.


Stala ONE stands as the first 100% climate-reduced stainless steel sink collection. This modern sink family seamlessly combines elegant design, durability, and user-centricity.

Reflecting the essence of Finnish design, Stala ONE seamlessly merges functionality with Nordic minimalism and installation methods. Its durable and stylish material, along with innovative features, makes it suitable for both modern and traditional kitchens.

With the introduction of four new models, the Stala ONE range now comprises 20 different stainless steel sinks. Available in various sizes, with single, 1.5, and double bowls, with or without working areas. Stala ONE products are manufactured at Stala's factory in Lahti, Finland. The sinks feature a unique dynamic pattern on the working area, created using Stala's award-winning laser technology. The sinks are optimally sized, and the Flow strainer enhances both practicality and gives the sink a pleasing appearance.

The new models continue Stala ONE's environmental journey

Collaborating with the global climate company South Pole, we verify our greenhouse gas emissions, set reduction targets, and finance climate actions in line with the carbon footprint of our ONE product range. These new models continue the same sustainability path as other Stala ONE sinks.

"It's important for us to contribute to building a sustainable future," says Stala CEO Pasi Härkönen. "That's why we are committed to continuous improvement and reducing emissions over time. As evidence of this, we proudly carry the South Pole Funding Climate Action label on Stala ONE sinks."

User-Centric Design

User-centricity is at the core of functional design. "In the design of all our products, we emphasize our customers' needs and practicality," says Stala's Category Manager Jari Peltonen. "This ensures that every detail of the sink enhances the daily kitchen user experience."

High-resolution images are available here.

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Pasi Härkönen, CEO, Stala Oy


Phone: +358 40 0934 119


Anne Kanervo, Marketing and Communications Manager, Stala Oy


Phone: +358 40 652 6165

About Stala

Stala Oy is a Finnish design company that creates, manufactures, and markets innovative solutions for functional home spaces. Our core competence lies in combining stainless steel, Scandinavian design, and functionality. At our factory in Lahti, we manufacture products marked with the Key Flag and Design from Finland. The patterned, stainless StalaTex™ surfaces have been awarded internationally recognized prizes such as the Green GOOD DESIGN 2021, Red Dot: Product Design 2023, and Creative Communication Award 2023. Since September 2020, Stala has been part of Kovinoplastika Lož Group.

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