Stala introduces upgraded StalaVerse

Renowned for its innovative kitchen solutions, Stala proudly announces the latest upgrade to its internationally acclaimed virtual reality platform, StalaVerse. This immersive experience now features the integration of the groundbreaking Stala ONE sink collection, marking the inception of the world's first 100% climate-reduced stainless steel sink family.


The Stala ONE series establishes a new benchmark for environmental sustainability in functional living spaces. This contemporary sink family seamlessly combines elegant design with durability and user-centric features, ushering in a new era of innovation.

Within the StalaVerse platform, users can explore the Stala ONE collection, visualizing how each sink looks in both undermount and inset mount installations. This interactive feature proves invaluable in sales scenarios, empowering users to make informed decisions and choose their preferred sink directly from the Stala ONE lineup.


StalaVerse, Stala's innovative virtual reality environment, provides users with an engaging exploration of various product categories within diverse kitchen settings. The visual configurator showcases how different Stala ONE sinks or StalaTex patterns complement kitchen aesthetics.

Notably, StalaVerse received international acclaim, clinching the prestigious Creative Communications Award in 2023, a testament to its excellence in creative communication and groundbreaking virtual experiences.


For those seeking a revolution in kitchen design and sustainability, the enhanced StalaVerse with the Stala ONE sink collection is a must-explore destination. Step into the future of kitchen innovation with Stala and redefine your kitchen experience.

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More information:

Anne Kanervo, Marketing and Communications Manager, Stala Oy

tel. +358 40 652 6165



About Stala:

Stala Oy is a Finnish design company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative solutions for functional home spaces. Our core expertise lies in combining stainless steel, Scandinavian design, and practicality. Our actions reflect our core values of being social, inspired, honest, and innovative. The patterned StalaTex™ stainless steel surfaces have received recognition with prestigious awards such as the Green GOOD DESIGN Award, Red Dot Award: Product Design, and Creative Communication Award. Since September 2020, Stala has been a part of the Kovinoplastika Lož Group. Visit for more information.

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