Stala launches a new all-black sink collection: Stala Essent

Kitchens come in many sizes, and so it should be. But when planning a kitchen, it’s important that you don’t end up designing around the choice of sink.​ In a smooth process, it’s the design that dictates the type of sink, not the other way around. Our new Stala Essent collection has the right size of sink whatever the size of the kitchen and the cabinets.


The Stala Essent collection boasts special all-black composite sinks, complete with black details: the overflow, basket drain valve and strainer are all black. Narrow edges round off the stylish look of the sinks. Thanks to their all-black design, these sinks are ideal for modern kitchen interiors.


The Stala Essent collection consists of three composite sinks for 40 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm cupboards or larger. The sinks are made of extremely durable composite material, which is 80 percent quartz. Quartz composite is hardwearing and heat resistant. Mounting is from the front and back of the sink for easy installation – no need to notch the cupboards.


Modern and minimalist in design, Stala Essent sinks have a very small radius (R12), narrow edges and sleek and smooth surfaces. This makes them easy to clean and hygienic.


Stala Essent is designed to make choosing a sink easier. Not only does it come with sinks in different sizes to fit a variety of cupboard sizes, but on top of this, the edge profile is the same throughout, allowing for both inset and undermount installation – no need for separate models. Essent sinks are at their best when under-mounted onto stone, but they also work well as inset sinks with a variety of different worktop materials.


Stala Essent is complemented by a range of accessories. Drainers Wash-1 and Wash-2 make an ideal pair and are perfect complements to the Essent collection. With its black details, the roll-up drying rack is a stylish and functional companion to Essent sinks. To add extra working space, you can use Stala’s Set-2 chopping board made from oak – either on top of the sink or next to it.


Stala Essent in a nutshell:

- Modern and minimalist in design
- Suits neutral and modern kitchen schemes
- Just black – sink and details are all black
- Sinks to fit all cupboard sizes
- Kitchen planning made easy

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