Renovation of a small kitchen on a lighter budget

Three years ago, Salla and Ville bought a comfortable two-room flat in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. The new homeowners were aware of the coming renovation in the housing cooperative and were excited about it. The small kitchen was in need of an upgrade to improve its functionality.  The Ikea kitchen was selected with the budget in mind, since they were facing a renovation covering the entire flat.


An Ikea designer helped them with the designs for the kitchen. Because they wanted personal solutions for the kitchen from different suppliers, Doorie came along as a cooperation partner right at the beginning. They chose Ikea frames for the cupboards and through Dooria they procured things such as the doors of the cupboards and the hallway closets. Stala provided the steel worktop.


Salla was already familiar with Stala through childhood memories of the mailbox of her childhood home and the steel worktop at the summer cabin. The look of a professional kitchen and steel as a material were an attractive idea, thanks to how functional, durable and easy to maintain they are. The Stala*Designer programme was easy to find and use with the Doorie designer. The designer also took care of communicating with the Stala sales department. The delivery of the steel worktop and sink to Doorie happened on schedule and professionals installed them quickly during a workday.

In everyday use, the steel worktop has fulfilled its promises and the memories of how easy the steel worktop of childhood was to maintain are now reality in the new kitchen. They wanted the new kitchen sink to be bigger than the previous one. In practice, the sink has proved to be well-functioning; it can even fit larger frying pans and longer cutting boards.


The new combined stove and extractor hood from Ikea could be integrated into the steel worktop stylishly and seamlessly. The depth (635mm) of the worktop fits the Ikea fixture frames perfectly. The steel back plane Panel was used in the raised background due to its usability and the calming effect it had on the design. Smooth brushed stainless steel was selected as the material for the steel worktop to enhance the overall harmony. In the designing process, the StalaTex pattern selection was also discussed, but the smooth worktop was chosen with the overall look in mind since so many different materials were already used in the cupboard doors, floor, and backsplash tiles. The neighbours followed the example and had StalaTex be part of their new kitchen!


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