Pipe renovation led to a kitchen with shiny stainless steel

A brand-new kitchen in Tampere is shining with brilliant steel. At first, you see the patterned stainless steel worktops and the backsplash with the same patterned steel continuing on four different walls while reflecting light and giving the entire kitchen a luxurious look. After you have finished admiring that, you notice the kitchen’s other details which give it a finished impression.

Stala-Keittiömaailma-StalaTex-Savi_01.jpgThe steel surfaces reflect light and give the kitchen a luxurious look.

The kitchen is Keittiömaailma Kaleva’s pipe renovation project implemented together with Consti Oy. Keittiömaailma’s Anne Hakala tells us that the design process began with finding out the customer’s wishes: dark cupboard doors, stainless steel appliances, worktops that are easy to take care of and reusing the existing knobs. In Keittiömaailma Kaleva’s shop, client Sanna fell for StalaTex’s patterned stainless steel worktop, which is how she ended up choosing the Clay pattern, designed by Harri Koskinen. For the customer, it was extremely important that the kitchen is easy to maintain, so the same patterned steel was selected also for the backsplash.

Stala-Keittiömaailma-StalaTex-Savi_02.jpgThe finished kitchen can also be seen from the living room.

Backsplash as the eyecatcher

The idea of an easy-to-maintain kitchen that led to the choice of patterned steel surfaces for the backslash led to a brilliant outcome. The steel goes around the range hood and continues on four walls. It reflects a dim light from multiple directions, which gives the kitchen a luxurious feel and makes it seem bigger than it actually is.

The Clay-patterned steel continues from the worktops to the backslash on four walls.

Hakala explains that, as this was an old building, they needed to even out the walls and be extra careful with their measurements. However, the end result with the Panel backsplash tiles definitely pleases the eye. The selected products were a success, and the apartment’s resident Sanna is extremely pleased. In this location, the backslash is an absolute eyecatcher!

Reused knobs

For the resident, it was important to reuse the knobs from the old kitchen in the new one. This makes sense when you see the new kitchen as the old knobs suit it perfectly. Sanna wanted to find dark doors for the new kitchen, which she was able to find in Keittiömaailma’s Novarti collection. You would never guess that the knobs were not selected for this particular kitchen.

Patterned steel surface makes life easier

Patterned stainless steel worktops were selected for Sanna’s kitchen to match the stainless steel appliances. The waterpoint is joined by a Seven worktop which can also be found on the adjacent wall with a stove hole. As a material, stainless steel lasts forever, and the pattern gives it a modern look while hiding small marks. This kitchen is designed to last for a long time and for easy maintenance. The kitchen so elegant now!

Stala-Keittiömaailma-StalaTex-Savi_03.jpgPatterned stainless steel makes the kitchen functional and stylish.

Hear about the kitchen project from the designer

Learn more about this kitchen project by watching our video with designer Anne Hakala talking about the design process’s starting point, implementation and end result.

Stala-Keittiömaailma-StalaTex-Savi_04.jpgAnne Hakala from Keittiömaailma talks about designing a kitchen undergoing pipe renovation.


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