Kitchen Trends at the Housing Fair 2023 in Loviisa, Finland

Kitchens have become a permanent part of living spaces. Integrated appliances and breakfast cabinets create clear views. Notable materials included marble-like stone and tile surfaces. The kitchen color schemes were natural and cohesive, ranging from green to white, black, as well as light and dark wood. Stainless steel sinks and black composite sinks were popular choices in both kitchens and utility rooms. Here is a compilation of the most interesting kitchens at the housing fair.


Cabin Havsstrand is a modern single-story timber house without plastics, featuring ample glass panels as the wall material. Natural and recycled materials have been favored in the material selections.

Kuva 5.jpg

The fitted furniture is from Novart's collection, with the handleless doors in the kitchen sporting the color "Sammal," and Caesarstone Sand as the countertops and backsplash. The kitchen features a fully black Stala Essent CEG-E50B composite sink.

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Villa Sten follows the shape of the sloping plot. Interior designer Sanna Piitulainen has brilliantly incorporated all the necessary functions for a small family into compact spaces.

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The kitchen island fits perfectly to the staircase steps, and the breakfast cabinet conceals small appliances. The kitchen is from Norrebo, with Cosentino's Dekton Neutral Onirika as the worktops.

Kuva 2.jpg



The impressive two-story Wienerberger full-brick house stands proudly. The house is spread over two floors, and in addition to the main residential building, there is a gazebo for guest accommodation. The dark color scheme of the interior beautifully blends with the surrounding nature.

Kuva 8.jpg

In the Novart kitchen, the doors feature black oak veneer, and the worktop and backsplash showcase the stunning Night Mist granite from Ylämaan Graniitti. The kitchen has two sinks, Stala's Max-50 and Max-30 stainless steel sinks.

The same door style has been used in other areas of the house, such as the entrance hall and the TV room.

Kuva 9.jpg


The Finnlog house features a private atrium courtyard, around which the other rooms of the house are arranged in a U-shaped layout. Next to the main entrance is an office designed based on the wishes of the future resident, therapist, and writer Tommy Hellsten.

Kuva 12.jpg

The large and open living room-kitchen area is the heart of the home. Large sliding doors in the living room extend the living spaces partially to the covered atrium courtyard and terrace. The copper faucets stand out beautifully against the dark Noblessa kitchen and the Cosentino worktop.


The future residents of the Jämerä Kivitalo, Tomi-Pekka Lehtonen and Nina Björnström-Lehtonen, wanted a single-story home with a clear and bright layout. The master bedroom includes a walk-in closet and a bathroom. Additionally, there is a room for the family's son and a grooming room for the family's dogs in the house. There is also a space in the auxiliary building for visits from the adult daughter.

Kuva 13.jpg

The striking combination of the black and white Noblessa kitchen and the Tulikivi worktop creates an impressive overall look. The sea view shines in the open space.


Finnlamelli's Kuningattarenhelmi is a modern detached house made of non-settling spruce logs. The location by the sea is reflected in the Scandinavian and modern interior design, led by designer Dima Latvalahti.

Kuva 19.jpg

The material choices in Kuningattarenhelmi's kitchen showcase the nature-inspired Novart Nordic Nature. The design takes into account the family's needs, including a convenient breakfast cabinet. The kitchen island features a Stala Combo CEG-50BF sink.

Kuva 20.jpg



The two-story Jetta-Talo Karpalo is situated on the outskirts of the fair area, nestled by a tranquil forest.

Kuva 23.jpg

Amidst the light and wood-toned kitchens, Karpalo stands out with its stunning colors. The fitted furniture is from Noblessa.


Jukkatalo's Linnatuuli offers a functional and versatile floor plan. The separate sauna building and the dark-toned two-story house by the sea view create a magnificent pair.

Kuva 25.jpg

The kitchen embraces nature in its color scheme, with Novart's door model in the shade Kaarna. The Ylämaan Graniitti stone worktop adds ease to everyday life, and the raised island provides a peaceful retreat in the kitchen.

The door of the utility room is in the color Hiekka, which complements the overall look nicely.

Kuva 26.jpg

Kuva 27.jpg



Villa Kuningatar (Villa Queen) by Jämerä Kivitalot lives up to its name as a queen. Through the large windows, there is a view of the terrace, swimming pool, and all the way to the sea.

Kuva 1.jpeg

The white Poggenpohl kitchen is part of the living space. The kitchen features stainless steel worktops from Stala's Tailor-made collection.



Dekotalo's Lilla Hygge is a two-story house with the children's rooms and family workspaces located on the ground floor. The upper floor offers bright and open space for living and relaxation. Additionally, there are sauna facilities and a rooftop terrace with a hot tub.

Kuva 30.jpg

The Noblessa kitchen is situated on the upper floor, providing stunning views.



Designtalo's Villa Kungen is a wooden house that hides a spacious layout and efficiently utilized square footage. Located in a rocky landscape, the house is modern and user-friendly. Designed for the father and son, the home showcases the work of Dima Latvalahti.

Kuva 31.jpg

The dark open kitchen consists of melamine doors in a charred wood shade. The black Stala Combo CEG51-57B sink further enhances the color scheme. Contrast is brought to the overall kitchen design with Ylämaan Graniitti worktops and the light-colored interior of the breakfast cabinet. The kitchen is from Novart's collection.

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Text: Maija-Riitta Mustonen, interior designer and journalist

Photos: Maija-Riitta Mustonen and manufacturers

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