Housing Fair 2023 - Highlights and the most stunning houses

The Housing Fair 2023 will be held in the picturesque town of Loviisa by the sea. The fair area is named Kuningattarenranta (Queen's Beach), located on the eastern shore of Loviisa Bay. The mesmerizing sea views have been utilized in all the showcased properties, and particularly in the homes built on waterfront plots, the vistas are truly captivating.

The fair theme is divided into three parts: a home is more than just a dwelling, lighting matters, and the significance of the sea. For an increasing number of people, a home serves as a remote work station or the base for running a business. It can also double as a vacation oasis, eliminating the need for a separate cottage. Lighting has been used to create various moods and can also accentuate desired shapes and enhance safety.

In this article, we have selected different and memorable properties as highlights of the fair.

IMG_2224.JPGThe housing fair area is located by the sea.

10 Villa Kuningatar (Villa Queen)

Villa Kuningatar is a solid stone house designed by the owner herself for her family. It features a terrace with a swimming pool, a boathouse on the beach and a pier. The interior of the house is Scandinavian-inspired, open, and bright, with the sea view incorporated as part of the decor. Maximizing the sea view has been a priority, achieved through large windows. The interior design includes white, gray, black, wood and beige colors, and pops of other vibrant colors like red, blue, and yellow.

VillaKuningatar_keittio_03.jpgThe kitchen in Villa Kuningatar is one of the most stunning kitchens at the housing fair. The attention is drawn to the large island, where the stainless steel worktop extends over the cabinets, creating a small breakfast nook. The stainless steel worktops are from Stala's Tailor-made collection.

VillaKuningatar_keittio_01.JPGThe magnificent white Poggenpohl kitchen adds luxury to the entire house.

VillaKuningatar_olohuone_VR.jpgThe stunning sea view can be seen from multiple sides within the house. The living room on the first floor is adorned with a beautiful Finnish interior fireplace, JC Borderet Tatiana 997. Photo: Housing Fair

VillaKuningatar_kylppäri.JPGThe bathroom features black Woodio sinks, a bathtub, and a toilet.

VillaKuningatar_allas.jpgFrom the terrace of Villa Kuningatar, the swimming pool offers a breathtaking sea view.

15 Queen’s Stone

Queen's Stone is the only full-brick house at the housing fair, designed by the architect for their own family home. In addition to the house, the plot also features a gazebo used as guest accommodation.

QueensStone_talo-ulkoa.jpgThe gray full-brick house blends well with the rocky terrain.

QueensStone_parveke.jpgThe sea view is stunning from the glazed balcony.

QueensStone_keittio_01.jpgThe kitchen also enjoys a sea view thanks to large glass sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling balcony windows.

QueensStone_keittio_02.JPGThe magnificence of the dark kitchen is highlighted by the thick stone worktop (Night Mist by Ylämaan Graniitti Oy) on the spacious island. The sturdy overall appearance is lightened by the striped glass doors of the upper cabinets. The kitchen furniture is from Novart Oy. Stainless steel sinks from Stala.

QueensStone_olkkari.JPGEven inside, the brick house has not been concealed. Rough brick surfaces adorn, among other places, the living room.

17 Villa Havet (Villa Sea)

Villa Havet is a single-story white stone house located by the beach, with over 50 meters of private shoreline. The house offers breathtaking sea views, and the interior is adorned with luxurious details. The main focus of the design was to fully capture the essence of the seaside landscape.

Upon entering, one immediately notices the Dekton-covered doors of the foyer cabinets. The same material is used throughout the rest of the house. The interior of the house is styled in a Scandinavian fashion, with a color palette featuring white, black, and gray.

VillaHavet_olkkari.JPGA ceramic tile on the living room wall adds a touch of luxury to the decor.

VillaHavet_keittio.jpgThe wall cabinets in the kitchen are black, beautifully complemented by a white island. The sofa in the living room follows the same color scheme.

VillaHavet_makkari.jpgBlack, white, and gray are recurring themes throughout the entire house. The bedroom features tiles that reach an impressive height of 3.2 meters. Wow, what a stunning result!

VillaHavet_maisema.jpgThe view from Villa Havet is among the best in the housing fair area. A separate 25-square-meter building has been constructed on the beach, serving as a workspace, fitness area, and guest room.

19 Kuningattarenhelmi (Queen's pearl)

Kuningattarenhelmi is a two-story modern log house by Finnlamelli, where the sea view is incorporated with large windows on both floors. The home is designed to meet the needs of the family, taking into account the plot and the stunning seaside surroundings. The height of the living area creates a sense of openness and brightness. The light-colored surfaces bring freshness to the space. The interior can be considered Scandinavian, combining lightness with dark wood.

Kuningattarenhelmi_korkeat-ikkunat.JPGThe living area spans two floors, and the large windows allow for admiring the sea views from both levels.

Kuningattarenhelmi_keittio_05.jpgLight and dark wood are combined seamlessly in the interior design.

Kuningattarenhelmi_keittio_03.jpgAmong the predominantly light-colored interior, the dark Novart Nordic Nature oak kitchen stands out. The kitchen is accentuated with black appliances and a black sink (Stala Combo CEG-50BF).

Kuningattarenhelmi_kylppari.JPGThe same color scheme is echoed in the bathroom.

Kuningattarenhelmi_kodari_01.jpgThe laundry room is bright, just like the entire house, featuring light Scandinavian tones. The sink is Stala's Jazz P-40PT.

20 Villa Havu (Villa Coniferous)

Villa Havu is a modern log house featuring a lot of light wood in its interior design. The buildings are made of Honka's non-settling spruce logs, and the architecture resembles a boathouse with its vertical paneling. The interior design focuses on Finnishness and the use of spruce as a decorative material.

In addition to the main building, the property includes a separate beach sauna and an auxiliary building used for remote work and guest accommodation.

VillaHavu_keittio_KUVA-Asuntomessut.jpgThe kitchen is strikingly beautiful. Ceramic surfaces that match the style bring added elegance alongside the wood. Birch-veneer kitchen furniture: Saari Kitchen, worktops: Louhi Stones. Photo: Housing Fair

VillaHavu_olkkari.jpgNatural colors are prevalent throughout the entire property, from wall and floor surfaces to textiles and stone countertops.

VillaHavu_kylppari.jpgThe Laminam ceramic material crafted by Louhi Stones, is also used in the toilet facilities.

8 LoviSea

A unique feature of the Loviisa housing fair is the floating house, LoviSea. This one-of-a-kind floating house is constructed from solid wood elements on a floating foundation. The interior design of the house incorporates references to marine culture and ships, such as round windows. The decor features natural and earthy colors. The house offers stunning sea views from multiple windows, not to mention the terrace. This house perfectly combines home and leisure.

Lovisea_maisema.jpgThe floating house is located above the water.

Lovisea_nakoala.jpgThe surrounding terrace provides stunning sea views.

Lovisea_olkkari.jpgThe loft of the floating house offers a sea view. The space can be used as a workspace or a bedroom. The interior design incorporates a lot of wood and natural colors.

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