New sink models to Max sink family

Great additions to the Max product family meet the requirements of current kitchen trends

Our Max sink series is expanding on the 1st of May with four modern sinks, of which two have tap areas. Due to the requests of our customers we have added very large and impressive sinks to the Max family, which will replace the Desire product family over summer 2017. The smallest Max sink MX-17 will also be withdrawn from the Max series due to the update.

Six sinks in the new Max range
The new Max sink range

High-quality stainless steel sinks bring maximal functionality into kitchens in which size and appearance are valued. The use of space in the deeper than normal Max sinks has been designed to ease the washing of large pots, pans and oven trays. The sinks are spacious enough for even defrosting larger roasts or cooling down warm kitchen dishes.

Kitchen sink Stala Max MX-50

The modern and clean design make Max sinks fit the Nordic taste by being simple enough and fitting many different kitchen styles. Due to the innovative and streamlined bottom design the flow of water from the sink is enhanced, making it easier to wash dishes and to keep the sink clean. All Max sinks have a carefully finished MONOedge, so they are suitable for all installation methods and counter top materials. The models with the tap area are included with a very sturdy tap support, which enables the choice of tap without having to compromise style.

According to the current kitchen trend, one large sink is generally chosen for the kitchen, and the Max series offers many different alternatives for this need. The largest Max sink measures 700 x 400 x 200 mm, and it is available both with (MXT-70) and without a tap area (MX-70). This model is the largest sink in the Stala range and it meets the needs of even the most demanding home cook, all the way from preparing food to washing the dishes. The wooden chopping boards as additional accessories increase practicality while working by the sink.

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