Complete transformation of a 1960s kitchen in Kauniainen, Espoo

We visited Doorie entrepreneur Satu’s very own kitchen, which neatly sums up many of the current kitchen trends. We talked to Satu, who has worked as an entrepreneur in the kitchen industry for 3 years, about renovating kitchens, what things to consider when designing a kitchen, as well as what are people’s current popular choices for kitchen at the moment.

Satu and her family moved into this bright and well-lit apartment from the 1960s in the spring. And when she moved in, she felt that the kitchen had to undergo a revolutionary makeover. Of course, there were a few unexpected hick-ups in the extensive kitchen renovation of an older apartment. Unlike the original blueprint data indicated, the wall to be modified with cut-outs was a load-bearing wall, so dozens of calls had to be made to both the housing company's board of directors and the building inspection agency to get all the necessary permits. Perseverance was eventually rewarded, and the bright kitchen became even more spacious.

The stunningly gorgeous, modern kitchen combines dark-toned walnut veneer, green cabinet doors and Stala’s Tailor-made steel countertop.

Contemporary kitchen design trends

In a bigger picture, kitchen design shows a few trends emerging now. Dark-toned natural wood materials are now popular, such as walnut veneer which is also used in Satu’s kitchen’s top cabinets. This combines excellently with different topical shades of green, especially dark greens such as the Avocado tone used in this kitchen.

The stunningly gorgeous stainless steel worktop with raised back edge is made of one piece without any seams – this increases water leak safety.

The kitchen in this apartment cleverly combines different countertop materials, which makes the whole kitchen lighter and airier. In general, there is a trend emerging in kitchens that countertops get more attention than before, and people are ready to invest in them. This should be no wonder - after all, countertops are a very visible part of your kitchen and are in tough use every day.

The 12mm thick stainless steel countertop is a very modern solution for your kitchen

Stainless-steel is a user-friendly material since it is easy to clean and offers good water-leak safety. The overall impression can be easily softened by combining stainless-steel countertop with, for example, walnut veneer. In this kitchen, stainless steel countertops are nicely paired with Corian composite countertops in Willow tones. Composite countertops allow for marks from years of use to be sanded away if necessary. Combining different stainless steel materials makes the whole kitchen lighter and airier. You get a harmonised look by selecting all countertops with the same thickness (12mm in this kitchen), with the same corner angles and as seamless versions. Thin countertops create a modern overall impression. Raised back edges are 15cm high in both countertops. The look and feel of your kitchen is easy and inexpensive to improve, for example, by renewing just the countertops – even this kind of light version of a facelift can be done with Doorie.

Gorgeous overall kitchen solution is achieved by combining different level and countertop materials

One of the big trends now is the breakfast cabinet. In this kitchen, it is implemented in an individual and personal way completely without heavy folding-doors. In practice, the doors to your breakfast cabinet are often left open, so one potential solution is to leave the doors out altogether, which also means a significant budget benefit.

Beautiful breakfast cabinet made without doors

A cooker hood integrated right in the countertop is also an increasingly popular solution, and makes it easier to place the stove on a kitchen island, for example. This leaves the upper side of the island completely open, which contributes to increasing sense of space and visibility.

With an integrated cooker hood, you easily make your kitchen modern and stunningly gorgeous.

Details matter

It is small details that determine the outcome and finish the whole, so it is not worth haggling over them. Even the many smallest things in this kitchen have been carefully thought out and implemented. The lower cabinets have a low base, which is constantly growing in popularity. Low base brings a modern look to your kitchen when the base is painted to same colour tone as the cabinets. The lower cabinets are fitted with angled handles, so there is no need to drill any holes in the front set. The handles are made of chrome, which has clearly increased its popularity as a material of choice! Chrome handles work very beautifully with stainless-steel countertop. The top cabinets have over-reaching doors, so that you can open the doors by pulling from the bottom edge and no handles or separate mechanisms are required. At the same time, the over-reaching doors act as a "light visor" and they soften illumination coming from the lights placed under the cabinets. Tapwell's Arm tap in the novel colour tone Ascot Grey was chosen for the Stala kitchen sink.

The top cabinets with over-reaching doors act as a "light visor” and door “handles” so that no handles or separate mechanisms are required.

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