Carpenter chose the StalaTex worktop for his gorgeous self-built kitchen


Have you always wanted to know what kind of a kitchen a carpenter would build for themselves? We had the pleasure of seeing the kitchen of Tero Karjalainen from Keittiöveistämö. He had chosen to use the Savi-patterned Stala Tex stainless steel worktop with an integrated stovetop. The kitchen is a modern space, completed by the stylish 20 millimetres thick StalaTex stainless steel worktop. In this kitchen, the StalaTex draining board has been combined with the thin (4mm) Dekton worktop, which has also been used on the horizontal surfaces. Below the Dekton worktop is a wooden surface, which combined with the stainless-steel worktop, makes the overall design very modern and practical.


The StalaTex drainer board flows into the Dekton worktop very naturally. The raised edge increases the water security.

Karjalainen’s previous kitchen was built in 1998 and was clearly in need of an upgrade. The kitchen had a floor stove and a traditional drainer. There was little storage space and the things and equipment did not really fit anywhere. The professional himself had a clear vision of what the kitchen should look like and how it should work. Most importantly, the kitchen should be functional.

After the kitchen renovation, the new storage solutions have increased the storage space by about 30%. The upper cupboards are deeper and the drawers have more space. The drawers are now divided into compartments where more rarely used items can be stored. The carpenter’s kitchen is a testing ground for different kinds of practical solutions that have not yet been implemented in customer kitchens. In this custom-made kitchen, the frame height is higher than in normal fixtures, the cupboard front solutions allow for more space and the worktop is a little deeper than is traditional.


The couple were adamant that they wanted the Stala draining board made in Finland. As a professional, Tero likes using the Stala products, because the products can be bought custom-made with the exactly correct measurements and with the sink exactly where you want it. He prefers using domestic products and the cooperation with Stala is progressing very well. The products are good, high-quality and good-looking. The designing programme Designer is easy to use and the product-designing is effortless.


Tero’s wife Anette had previously visited Stala’s factory in Lahti and had been impressed with the manufacturing of the draining boards. Anette was very surprised by how much designing, work and modern production methods go into Stala products. Since she used to work as a dressmaker, she is used to handling different materials, which meant that using different kinds of materials in the kitchen design came naturally.

The wooden cupboards bring warmth to the overall look and together with the stainless-steel worktops and appliances they create a stunning kitchen. The doors of the kitchen cupboards are the result of careful planning, since vertical veneer has been used in the upper cupboards and horizontal veneer in the lower cupboards. Furthermore, special attention has been paid to the kitchen lighting design; indirect lighting installed on top of the cupboards creates an airy atmosphere for the entire space. The lighting is also present in the inside of the corner cupboard, which makes it more practical.


The friends of the couple have praised the modern drainer board and the entire kitchen.

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