Carefree cooking around a stainless steel island

Nina and her family dreamt of a kitchen with a large island and a lot of space to cook when they were building their new home. Stainless steel was the only option for kitchen worktop material due to its easy care. The surface had to be splash and cooking resistant and easy to keep clean. The intention was to have a carefree and hygienic kitchen with plenty of storage space. 

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The stainless steel worktop was the only right option for Nina, which she even considered as a material option for kitchen worktops. She and her husband toured the kitchen stores in the metropolitan area and searched for large island options. Nina met a product representative at the store who told her about the possibilities of made-to-measure countertops.

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Stunning black cabinets were chosen for the kitchen from Puustelli's collection. The stylish and modern kitchen was completed by Stala's Tailor-made stainless steel worktop, stainless steel colored pulls, prestige tap and household appliances. The trendy kitchen with the big island literally invites you to cook.

From the beginning, it was clear that Nina’s family would have a black kitchen, as a lot of black color has otherwise been used in the interior design of the new home.

The breakfast cabinet adds the practicality of the kitchen

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In this magnificent kitchen, practicality and modernity not only extend to the visible exterior surfaces of the kitchen, but the functionality is also taken inside the cabinet. The large breakfast cabinet keeps the appliances, dishes and food in order - and also hidden if necessary. A stainless steel shelf was chosen for the household appliances in the breakfast cabinet due to its ease of care, durability and hygiene. This really increases everyday practicality!

Kitchen for heavy use

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This black island kitchen is clearly designed for everyday use. The material choices for the surfaces, the selected appliances and the cabinet solutions are made for a family who loves life and cooking. Durability, ease of care, long lasting products and hygiene are sustainable values from year to year and decade to decade. Who wouldn’t want to live and cook in such an outstanding kitchen.

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