New composite sinks

Stala's newest composite sink is designed for the needs of today's kitchens. The sink's material withstands wear and heat well. Its surface is easy to care for and truly hygienic, and it does not absorb water or other liquids.

The new sink’s special feature is a separate basin for pouring liquids, such as cooking water, down the drain. This is a new feature in composite sinks. The basin enables an even greater variety of uses than before. This large sink makes washing and cleaning of large dishes and utensils easy, and liquids to be discarded can be poured into the sewer at the same time. The sink also has an attractively shaped bottom, which improves water flow; a Design sieve; and a water trap.

Stala composite sink black CEG51-57B‘With its strong material,
used-water disposal basin, and contoured bottom, the new composite sink meets even the most demanding kitchen user's needs without sacrificing Stala's well-known style,’ says product-line manager Jari Peltonen. Installed from above, the Stala* composite sink is installed 60 cm deep in a sink cabinet.

In keeping with today's trends and kitchen design, the sink is available in black and white. The familiar Stala accessories – a draining basket with silicone edges, secondary basin, and birch chopping board with plastic feet – are fully compatible with this product.

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