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Description file

Description of File

1.    Data Controller

Stala Oy (1568546-0)
Yrittäjänkatu 4
15170 Lahti, Finland
Tel. +358 3 882 1133

2.    Contact person in matters related to the File

Anne Kanervo
c/o Stala Oy
Tel. +358 3 882 1145
email: marketing@stala.com

3.    Name of File

Customer register based on StalaShop.

4.    Grounds for keeping the File

Customer relationship.

5.    Purpose of use

The data given on the order form of StalaShop will be saved in Stala Oy’s marketing register (File). The data stored in the File can be used for order handling process, method of payment, deliveries, returns and other customer communications.

The data can also be used for Stala’s marketing purposes on customer’s consent. If the customer prohibits the use of their personal data for marketing purposes, the data will only be used for customer communication.

6.    Data contained in the File

Name, delivery- and billing address, email, phone number, method of payment and delivery and consent for direct marketing mentioned in section 5.

7.    Source of register data

The data is collected during use of StalaShop as the customer has given them.

8.    Regular destinations of disclosed data and transfer of data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

Stala Oy will not hand over data included in the File or transfer them outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area.

9.    File protection principals

The File is protected from outside use. The system can only be accessed with usernames and passwords. The servers are in a physically locked space and only authorized persons have access to the File.  

10.    Right of inspection and resigning from the File

According to the Personal Data Act, the data subject has the right to inspect the data stored on them in the file. The request for inspection can be submitted in writing, signed in person, to the following address:

Stala Oy
Anne Kanervo
Yrittäjänkatu 4
15170 Lahti, Finland

The data subject can resign from the File by sending a request by email to marketing@stala.com or by sending the request to the address above in written.