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Magnetic design cover Y-1124


Y-1124 is a design cover that prevents food waste from getting into the drain. It is easy to wipe the waste away from the top of the sleek design cover.

Cover has a magnetic and can be removed easily if needed.

Y-1124 is a standard accessory in
• Neo sinks
• Max sinks
• Lagom sinks
• Ease sinks
• Combo CS sinks manufactured in 2016 or later.

It also fits as an extra accessory
• Seven kitchen worktops
• Stala Combo kitchen worktops
• Jazz sinks
• Lyria kitchen sinks
• Combo P-50, P40-50 and P50-60 sinks
Does not fit laundry bowls P-40T or P-59071U with rubber plug.

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Product information

Product codeY-1124
EAN code6417791154739
Warranty24 kk
MaterialStainless steel, Plastic


DimensionsØ 90 mm

Installation and usage instructions

16,95 €
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