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ONE colander biocomposite


DRY-38 is an environmentally friendly collander made from wood-based composite. The material is based on nearly 100% renewable raw materials, with approximately 60% being a biopolymer made from surplus pine oil from the pulp industry, and 40% wood fiber. Both raw materials are side streams and residues of wood and pulp refining processes, so no additional harvesting is needed. In addition, these raw materials do not compete with the food production chain. The wood fibers give the product a natural look & feel.

Fossil-based plastic belongs in the past!

The material we use is UPM FORMI EcoAce, manufactured by UPM. The wood fibers come from PEFC-certified (PEFC/02-31-173), responsibly managed forests. Learn more about the material >

Sustainable choices every day

Almost 100% - Based on renewable resources

Up to 60% - Certified natural and renewable fibers

100% - Recycling ready


The ONE collander is dishwasher-safe, but the color may fade with repeated dishwasher use. Therefore, we recommend hand washing.

Heat-resistant up to 100°C.

The product is easy to clean and safe for food contact.


Compatible with:

  • ONE sinks
  • Seven worktops
  • CEG51-57B, CEG-50B/BF, CEG40-50B
  • Sinks with a depth of 340 mm (Lagom-T34, Lagom-34, Lagom-34-34, Lagom-34-18, Lagom-18-34, Ultra-34)
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Product information

Product codeDRY-38
EAN code6417791244119
Warranty (months)24
Length406 mm
Width160 mm
Height62 mm



Installation and usage instructions

Care instructions

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