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EkoCombo EKOC6-3SK with three bins - fits 60 cm cupboard


Stala's streamlined EkoCombo system with two 10 litre waste bins and one 16 litre waste bin makes kitchen chores easier.

Above the waste bins is a stainless steel shelf. You can use it as storage space for kitchen items, such as magic sponge and dishbrush. 

You are able to sort kitchen waste without hassle and close to where you’re working. The EkoCombo waste sorting system closes smoothly and silently because of the brake system on the slides.

EkoCombo EKOC6-3SK fits 60 cm wide cupboard. It is installed into cupboard and cabinet door.

Total volume: 36 l

White waste bins are available also for home storage.
Green bio lid Y-1240 is available for 10 liter bin.

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Product information

Product codeEKOC6-3SK
EAN code6417791121038
Warranty24 kk
FittingTo cabinets front panel
Minimum cupboard width cm60
Length450 mm
Width570 mm
Height330 mm


Gross weight8.1 kg

Installation and usage instructions

Installation instructions

379,01 €
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