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Combo CEG51-57BF black composite bowl for flush mounting


The composite sink is designed for the needs of a modern kitchen, combining both practicality and style. The composite sink is made of a very durable material with quartz as the main component. This makes the surface able to endure use and withstand heat.

The combination of a large sink and an additional small bowl for pouring liquids ensures the sink and its functions can be used diversely. The large bowl is convenient for washing big pots and pans, while the small bowl can be simultaneously used for pouring liquids down the drain. When the big bowl is in use you can also drain your milk cartons and empty out your coffee cup in the small bowl. 

The sink design includes a beautiful shape on the bottom of the bowl, which also improves water flow. The groove on the sink edges ensures the perfect fit for kitchen accessories. You can rinse and chop vegetables or drain your pasta with the draining basket, all at the sink.

Standard equipment includes tap hole, design cover, pop-up valve and cleaning sponge.

Stala kitchen accessories
Kitchen drainer Silent-1 fits perfectly sink edge profile. Wooden chopping board Set-2 can be used above the sink, it gives you more working space.

Suits different kitchen styles
- modern kitchen with natural stone worktops
- light coloured quartz worktops
- Nordic kitchen style

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Product information

Product codeCEG51-57BF
Standard accessoriesPop-up valve, Design cover, cleaning sponge, tap hole
EAN code6417791138654
Warranty (months)24
FittingUnder-mounting, Flush-mounting
Minimum cupboard width cm60
Length560 mm
Width500 mm


Gross weight12.3 kg
Dimensions of the bowl, main bowl510 x 365 x 180
547,72 €
In stock