Cookies are small files which are downloaded onto your device when visiting a website. The file contains a small amount of information which the server can access when you visit the same website again.

We use cookies to make our website as user friendly as possible and to offer information and services to match your needs. By using cookies, we make sure you don’t have to fill in the same information with every visit to the website. Cookies also improve the usability of the website. They can for example speed up filling forms or placing orders and help you find certain products and services easier.

Our website uses cookies in collecting information also to optimize both advertising and our website contents. We do not use this information to personally identify users, it is solely used to help charter the use of the website based on anonymized tags. With this technique we can create ads and/or present special offers and services in which the content is based on the results from the visitor analysis.

We may also use third party advertisement, which helps in modifying the internet content and the website into more interesting to users. Due to this the user’s device will also download cookies from our partnered companies when visiting our website. These are either temporary or permanent cookies, which will automatically disappear in a specified amount of time. The information in the cookies can relate to the products or services you viewed. Some of our advertising partners also collect information from websites to see which sites you have previously visited or which products or services you are interested in. Our advertising partners may create such ads to correspond with the user’s object of interest in the best possible way.

Our website may also use functional cookies which aim to improve our site into more interesting. This technique enables us to offer personalized content or advertisements to those who have previously visited the site and shown interest in our products and services.

Cookies do not harm the visitors’ devices or files in any way. We comply with the current privacy protection instructions and use appropriate technical ways to ensure the user’s privacy on the website.

Accepting the use of cookies is not a requirement to use our website. We do however wish to highlight that some functions in our services and on our website will be restricted if the use of cookies is not allowed.

How to block cookies?

You can change the settings of your browser to block cookies. The menu bar of a browser usually has a guidance function which explains how to block new cookies and delete or disable the previously downloaded cookies.

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