ONE sink, working surface L

Climate action
ONE sink, working surface L
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compared to reference Stala product.

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during the washing cycle compared to reference Stala product.

The ONE sink family is the first 100% climate reduced stainless steel sink product family. It combines modern, elegant design, sustainability, and easy installation.

In the ONE product family, the modern working area has been redefined. Unique dynamic patterning enhances the sink's functionality and reduces the visibility of life's traces. The patterning is created using Stala's award-winning laser technology. The working area features an entirely new size, allowing for more space for everyday kitchen items. This enhances the overall functionality of the kitchen.

ONE sinks feature a completely new Flow strainer, which not only improves practicality but also provides a pleasing appearance.

Thanks to the StalaHybrid installation method, sink installation is extremely easy and fast. The sink can be installed as an inset mount, undermount, or flush mount, with a patent pending method.

ONE-TDL40 is suitable for a 50 cm or larger cabinet. In this model, the working area is on the left. If you prefer the working area on the right, choose ONE-TDR40. In ONE, space utilization is maximized, enhancing kitchen functionality.

This product might look ordinary but there's a lot going on behind the label to help reduce its impact on our planet. By choosing ONE, you are helping the climate. Learn more >


STALA ONE sinks are complemented by innovative sustainable accessories. ONE accessories WOOD-38, COMP-38, DRY-38, and DRIP-38 are designed to be used with ONE sinks. All accessories can be stacked on top of each other to save space, and they can also be used separately.

ONE-TDL40 is particularly suitable for:

  • Various kitchen styles
  • Laminate, wood, stone, and composite worktops
  • Inset mount, undermount, and flush mount installation
Product codeONE-TDL40
EAN code6417791244188
Warranty (months)24
MaterialStainless steel
FittingInsetting, Under-mounting, Flush-mounting
Minimum cupboard width cm50
Length676 mm
Width520 mm
Depth190 mm
Carbon footprint (CO2e)35.22 kg
Dimensions of the bowl, main bowl400x385x180
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