KARAT sinks belongs to GLASS COLLECTION series which combines two most natural materials - high grade stainless steel and tempered glass, which is a safety glass with emphasis on toughness and thermal resistance. This combination of materials gives KARAT its uniqueness and true elegance.

Design of KARAT is further upgraded with elegant and functional PUSH Pop-Up siphon system. Clean lines and smooth surface of PUSH Pop-Up button and drainer cover gives a high-end and prestigious look.

KARAT 20 LEFT is a one and a half bowl design, with a bowls being on the left side of the sink.

Product code1140399
EAN code3838997911972
Warranty (months)24
Minimum cupboard width cm80
Length860 mm
Width500 mm
Depth202 mm
Dimensions of the bowl, main bowl340x400x195
Pool dimensions, auxiliary bowl180x340x160

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