ComboD Kitchen worktop

The versatile Combo*D kitchen worktop is a combination of 50 and 17 cm wide bowls. The model combines a generously sized bowl with a smaller bowl, creating a perfect match for making kitchen work feel easy. Large cooking pots and baking trays fit into the large bowl effortlessly, leaving the small bowl free for simultaneous use. Design your own kitchen worktop easily at using the Stala Designer planning program. You will create a model picture and dimensional drawing of the worktop you designed, according to your choices and measurements. Design cover and draining basket included as standard accessories.

Product codeCOMBOD
Standard accessoriesDraining basket, Design cover
Warranty24 kk
MaterialStainless steel
FittingSit On
Minimum cupboard width cm80
Worktop height15, 30, 40, 50 mm
Dimensions of the bowl, main bowl500 x 340 x 180
Pool dimensions, auxiliary bowl170 x 340 x 140
Width of combination710 mm