The new Wood Rack product range stores and carries firewood with style


Stala is launching Wood Rack, a new series of products for firewood. The Wood Rack products are designed together with Pentagon Design and they are meant to be a stylish part of interior decoration in houses where firewood is used and stored. The Finnish Labour Association’s Avainklubi and its members have also been a part of product development.

Stala Firewood rack WR-120

The Wood Rack product range consists of three different firewood racks, each with a separate purpose. They bring firewood conveniently where they are needed – close to the fireplace.  The refined design and practicality go hand in hand within the Wood Rack range – as it does with other Stala products.

“The foundation for Stala products is always practicality and functionality. With Wood Rack we wanted to create a solution for handling and storing firewood in homes and at summerhouses”, says Jari Peltonen, Stala’s Category Manager.

The Wood Rack range includes a large firewood rack with a weatherproof hood for outdoors storage, a convenient smaller rack for carrying firewood and a stylish rack for indoor storage. The racks intended for indoor use can also be used as pieces for interior design as they are.

Watch the Wood Rack video and click for more information: